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Bachelor's Guide To Thailand

baccara gogo soi cowboy

cowboy gogo soi cowboy

Bachelor's Guide to Thailand! Here is a random travel photo/diary of adventures during a recent tour of the Land of Smiles. Starting with Baccarra Gogo at Soi Cowboy Bangkok I'm sure many of you have been to this joint, or similar bars at Nana Plaza, but for those who haven't you've got the normal gogo stage packed with dollies, then above that a transparent Perspex ceiling / dance floor with another group of girls dancing in little skirts upstairs (mostly topless and without knickers). So from the front row seats, it's a bit of sensory overload to say the least - great fun. Simply pick a girl to bar fine for short time or long time. The people watching here is great! A couple of Japanese or Korean lesbians turned up, they were wearing matching outfits and looked hot, they were enjoying the show from the front row too. Actually there were a few other tourist girls there - good to see it's not blokes only. 

thai bar girls

thai bar girls with pole dancing


Top Tips for visiting the Land of Smiles
1) Ask freelancers their age and if they have any kids upfront
2) Always be asking questions of taxi drivers or expats to gain local knowledge faster
3) Whatsapp, translation apps, dating apps and currency apps are all handy
4) Buy Travel Insurance
5) Hire a scooter if you want to get outside the main drag
6) Send photos of all your important docs and cards to your own email, and cc someone trustworthy
7) Haggle with a smile - you're not buying a house
8) Carry a global multi style power adaptor
9) Always keep your hotel business card in your wallet
10) VOIP should give you free calls to Australia clear as a bell 
11) Marrying a bar girl often ends in disaster - not just broken hearts but major financial losses too

caesars girl in bangkok

caesars massage girl in bangkok

Today's bachelor adventure was Caesars at Huai Khwang Station BKK. Caesars looks impressive from the outside, a huge purpose built brothel. I like the setups inside these places, they have a stage for the house band, huge bar and restaurant facilities. Over on one side seating for at least 150 ladies on elevated lounges well light. So you can have a drink and make your selection. Mama said girls ranged in price from 2900b and upwards, some of them might have been over 4000. Anyway the cutest one I could see (pictured above) was 2900b or $111 for 90mins, expensive for Thailand, but I decided to lash out and try it once. Up the elevator to the rooms, and I suppose it's reasonably lavish, not as plush as say Midas, but spacious rooms. She ran a bath and I did a quick photo shoot for the team. Basically a young beach body type of girl with enhanced boobs. Cracker body really. Her attitude was to treat me like a King for 90 mins and let me do anything I wanted. Nothing was too much trouble and she gave me 100% so full credit to the level of service delivery here. Chilled out in the bar with a drink afterwards before facing the heat outside.

thermae freelancers bar bangkok

beer garden freelancers bar on sukhumvit soi 7

Bloke put me on to Beergarden as a must check out place off Sukomvit on Soi 7 Bangkok. Its a kind of large beer barn setup on Soi7. Supposed to be the place to pick up freelancers. The nite I was there it was pretty quiet. Seems to be a house band setup, and about 5 do-able freelancers, Started talking to the pretty ones and they suggested fri or sat nite around 9.30 should be busier, good to know. Bounced from there to Theremae. One of my fav bars on Sukumvit Road is surely Thermae. It's harder to find, and there are never too many Westerners in there which suits me just fine. AsianloverHK was on a mission to pick something up as his hotel was right next door so we hit it with a vengeance. Back lane entrance and down stairs. PACKED OUT on a Fri nite with we estimated 200 freelancer girls. The vibe here is a) no bar fines b) girls are not allowed to approach guys you approach them c) great fast service with reasonably priced drinks. While all the Asian/Euro guys clung to their drinks and mostly held back, we steamed in for 3 laps, chatting and joking with all the girls. Well actually not many of them had English, so a bit of Mr Bean mime goes a long way. Some of the girls, maybe 20% will only go with Asian men because of the 3 x 3 rule (Asian blokes only have 3 inches and they only last 3 minutes and they pay three times the going rate). Some WL told me that joke. Anyway most of the girls were quoting 2500b $96 with some at 2000b or $76. What a top vacation spot to find freelancers!

pattaya bay

pattaya main drag

Pattaya is the sex capital of Asia, sitting on a huge bay (pictured above), and most of the action occurs on the main beachfront main drag or close to. There is a footpath on the beach about 1 kilometer long at least it feeds into walking street. Every evening hundreds of freelancers gather here along the strip, as punters walk by. I guess there were hundreds of freelancers there, and not too many of them were getting jobs. Seems like a wide variety here, a minority of ladyboys, a small number too  old or too fugly for the bars, a portion of fresh young ones, and everything in between. The average girl was like 6,7 out of ten with the occasional 8 being snapped up. So many to choose from you end up spoilt for choice. Expats pointed out that if you had a bad experience with any of these ladies you would have no recourse. Prices quoted here are also cheaper than the bar girl / barfine + tip system. Still, the girls are all friendly and mostly do-able - it blew my little mind to see that many FLs along the one strip, and if that's not your cup of tea simply cross the road and find another couple of thousand to choose from in the beer bars and gogos. 

max muay thai kickboxing ring

max muay thai stadium

Sunday is supposed to be the best nite at Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya so I rocked up. It's a modern setup built in 2014 I believe. It's not too huge, so every seat gets a good clear view of the ring. It's a modern Vegas style boxing ring in the middle complete with lights, sound, camera crews, ring girls, it has a focus on US style entertainment and that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. They also have the little band playing that weird Indian snake charmer music, it really adds to the vibe. So 12 bouts, the first 10 were like Thai guy v farang. And the farangs were mostly being taken to school by the locals who seemed to have more ring experience. They have pages of data coming up on big video screens here including tale of the tape, and a highlights replayed after each round. So anyway I was lucky enough to see 1 x knockout (swinging backwards elbow) and 1 x knockdown (right hook). So that was a bit of a bonus, and certainly shows the fights are real. They have beer wenches too, all in all a top nite, and worth the money at 2000 baht. Add your Thailand adventures in the forum.



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