Bachelor's Guide To The Philippines

Floating bar sabang

Floating bar subic

Bachelors Guide To The Philippines! During the hi season, both Sabang Beach (above left) and Subic Bay (above right) host these floating bars which are moored just off the beach. Hail the boat boys, they will ferry you out. Just before sunset is a great time to board. Order a San Miguel Pilsner with all your new pals from the United Nations. As the sun sets like a postcard in the background, see if any of the freelancer girls on board take your fancy, they will most certainly be up for a drink and a laugh regardless. The floating bars at Subic are located right out front of some local beach resorts, while in Puerto Galera/Sabang you have a handful of bikini bars, plus several other nearby beachfront beer barns (with freelancers) to keep you entertained. These crazy little beach resorts represent pretty good value for the single man who likes to travel.   

Girls from a gogo bar in manilla

Angeles City is a rough and dusty town, located around 80 kilometers to the north of Manila and has a jumpin' nightlife. Every night the town comes alive with a walking street, numerous bars and clubs, and more sex bars dotted along notorious Fields Ave. You could compare AC with Pattaya in Thailand, however important to note that the Philippines is an English speaking country. There are over 100 girly bars in AC, some of the clubs here include Champagne, Insomnia, Crystal Palace, Voodoo, Angel Witch, Atlantis, Bunny Ranch and Lollipop. Subic Bay is not far away either with it's own strip of gogo bars. At larger clubs like Atlantis, expect to find 50 to 70 girls dancing on stage all night. Other smaller bars are tiny with just a handful of girls, but a more intimate vibe. You can go for a drink and watch the girls dancing, chat to the ladies, perhaps buy them a lady drink, if you click with your new friend, perhaps barfine them, aka pay a work release fee. This enables your new friend to quit work early so you can both go back to your hotel room for some hardcore bible study. 

Red Horse beer in the philippines

A can of Diablo beer in the Philippines

Some white wine imported into Manilla

Tanduay Rum in the Philippines

Beer O'clock Red Horse is one of the stronger beers in the Philippines at 8% and ideal to drink in taxis to take the edge off the traffic. Diablo Beer is stronger again at 12%. San Miguel is prolly the most well know of the local beers. These Californian white wines were terrific at $7.14 per carafe. What's not to love about Tanduay Rum at $4.50 a bottle? I guess their equivalent of Bundy. And by way of comparison, a liter of Stoli was $22 in the local supermarket in Manilla, usually $60 in Australia. 

Bottoms Bar in the Philippines

Burgos St / Makati Bar Scene P Burgos St in Manila is a jumpin' epicenter of bachelor fun, a short street but lined with alfresco type bars, clubs, restaurants, girly bars, and massage parlours.  We found Burgos street contains a high proportion of ladyboys in the streets, particularly late at night, but they can be a goldmine of local knowledge. Girls in uniforms on the street work in massage parlors - which is a total scene in itself. Anyway it's good to hop around and check out a number of girly bars to gauge the feel, when you find one that suits you, perhaps settle in for a few drinks.  When you get to a girly bar Mama san is in charge. If she is taking care of you a tip will keep her onside. The idea is to talk to girls and perhaps find one you click with over a few ladydrinks. You can invite any girl to join you for a drink, sooner or later some of them will come and try to sit with you. If you want you can pay a bar fine, aka work release fee and take her back to your room for a cup of coffee. Here are a few notes Plan B: Barfine was quoted as 4600 Pesos plus lady drinks. They have comfy sofas near the stage and about a dozen girls on stage most of the time. Tickles: A smaller club with dance poles and a silver roof decoration. Barfine happy hour was 1750p before 7. This bar had dedicated masseuses in uniforms. Bottoms: Probably one of the biggest bars around Makati, claims to have no bar fines but they suggested 10 lady drinks at 390p a pop. G String: 3900 for the bar plus minimum 3000 for the girl. They have a pool table. Good mirrors and video screens. Good DJ/ VJay here played our requests. Shampoo: is a smaller bar and seemed to have a great sound system. 3500 plus perhaps 3000 for the girl tip is what we were told, but all these prices are negotiable so this is just a guideline.

Tiger Prawns in Macapagal near Manilla

Some oysters and wine in Manilla

Macapagal Seafood Alley is located by the bay in Pasay City Manilla - Pussy Hunter and I went on a fact finding mission. As you enter the alley, there are fresh fish vendors on the left, and restaurants on the right. Don't forget to haggle. You choose whatever seafood you like and take it into the restaurants to have it cooked to your preference. The barbequed Tigers were a highlight, but it was all good, we figured we paid around $22/head with drinks. Afterwards we went window shopping at nearby Mall of Asia. Some other great Philippine dishes to try are Lechon (roast pork) and Adobo, preferably cooked by your new found girlfriend. 

Manilla girl back in the hotel room

Bar girl back in the hotel Manilla

Cebu Bars Quick Guide J AVE disco is at Mango Square, start here - this is an important place to find early, because it is like the central hub of the mango strip, which is on a road called General Maxillom Avenue.  Hang out in the square here, or check out the disco, particularly late at night, heaps of girls wandering around, short time hotel is nearby too (350p for 2 hours), great relaxed vibe here at Mango Square, with plenty of girls to talk to, freelancers in the street were quoting much cheaper prices, however likely less consistent than bar girls, fun relaxed place. Here are some notes on some of the Cebu Bars. Planet X is the Aussie bar, girls seemed prettier, 3000p bar fine plus 2 or 3 lady drinks at 200 each. Eric the Red was 2500 to 3000 pesos to bar fine however 3 to 5 lady drinks were expected at 180 each pushes it to $100 AU, chatted to a few girls here for an hour, friendly enough. Dolvo - good selection of dancers and mama says $128 bar fine, club owner was hanging out chatting to everyone, nice choice of girls, 100 pesos per san mig. Arena is a club lounge setup, one of the largest bars here, the stage is more like a big catwalk, they seem to have non stop dancers, signs say no barfines whatever that means, spoke to mama and she says $200 US to take a girl and how long she stays is up to the girl. Obviously $200 US is ludicrous in the Phils, so tip! don't be a walking ATM.. This club might be geared more towards Koreans and Japanese. 

Philppines boxing on TV

Sporting Life In my experience all the Philippines people have hearts of gold. The country has plenty of history and culture. One of the great aspects of the Philippines are the strong sporting traditions of boxing and cock fighting. Certainly the whole country of 109 million comes to a standstill each time Manny Pacquiao takes to the ring. Cockfighting is screened on TV every day and along with the rum, Spanish heritage, and boxing, gives the whole country a Hemingway kind of feel. So any red blooded bachelor would likely fit right in. Add your Philippines vacation adventures or photos in our forum.  



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