Susan from China

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Susan from China

Unread post by trashhammer » Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:25 pm

Tried Susan on tip from boss. She walks out, Hello... I am sold. This girl is a Gem.

Petite , cute face, slender legs, tiny waist, apple cheek booty to die for , A- cups with prominent soft nipple which she loves to have sucked and licked big time, A very reactive little thing too , and top attitude. Adorable AND naughty. Super hot Bj and ball lick. Cowgirl upright jockey fwd and reverse both sensational. Some deep fast mish and wishbone , a joy to watch her pretty little face contorting as she begged to done faster arder. How can these petite little thing go so hard and take it out of more than the bigger girls ... Because they so fucking cute, they drive you crazy. That's why !!! LOL. Oh well works for me anyway.
Serious though Susan is a GEM. I told mamasan to to book me in for 10am Mondays , til hell freezes over !
However she is on Tuesdays as well if any day-virgin chasers out there. Don't book 30 mins , was way to short for me. She deserves 15 mins of alone. Ok , I am hooked by this one, I'll admit it.And btw she didn't know I was with HL , I had no booking and Mamasan had no opportunity to G her up, we went straight to the room , and she didn't leave while I showered or use phone. She just lay on the bed wiggling her little booty at me. Such a tease, but hell she delivered like super bad angel. 25yo, no kid , and except for on bit of ink , a perfection little body IMO.

Apart from her cowgirl sequence , i only last 2 position, and the doggying of that petite little butt was a game ender. Gotta be an hour next time. So much more to do with this cutie.

Will try and get a pic from the mamasan, but really , just sight her in the flesh and you are gone. I can recommend you book her her sight-unseen, as long as you like them slim and petite. ; >

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