Ho Chi Min Karaoke scene report from Roadrunner

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Ho Chi Min Karaoke scene report from Roadrunner

Unread post by trashhammer » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:36 pm

Ho Chi Min Karaoke scene report from my wingman in Vietnam , Roadrunner.
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Last night, I was invited to a Karaoke place in District 5 by my Viet-Chinese-American friend. This was the first time I ever visited one of those infamous KTV places. This one is only about 2km from Bui Vien right on Tran Hung Dao. The place he chose was pretty nice and the girls were STUNNING. I noticed that many but not a majority were surgically enhanced and they liked to show them off. Most of them cannot speak English and the few that could, could barely say much at all. The KTV places cater to Asian customers but the girls told me that if Westerners came there, it wouldn't be an issue. Their money is welcome but with no English, communication would be a challenge. Free wifi throughout for google translate, though.

The way it works is that you get a private room with a TV and karaoke machine. The rooms are very nice. Song selection was very poor. Mostly Chinese and Japanese music. I could not find any Japanese bands/songs I liked. It's mostly that boring ballad shit that most Asian music consists of. You order food and drinks for yourself and the girls. The girls don't eat much. The girls pamper and serve the customers including feeding you! They are dressed in fancy evening wear but it does look like brothel fashion if you know what I mean. Similarly to how the girls at VIC are dressed.

KTV is expensive. You have to buy food which is modestly overpriced with overpriced, watered down whiskey, etc. Usually, the customers party with the girls, singing, dancing, playing games, goofing off and then for a fee can take the girls back to their apartments or hotel. This place is also a hotel so you could just get a room there if they aren't all booked up.

I am glad I went to see what it was like but this isn't for me. It's too expensive. I don't enjoy karaoke. We played some stupid games with the girls but it was just stupid. I guess I need a life because I just want to chat a short while and then get busy with the girls. At the KTV's you gotta blow a lot of money first and then take them home for another fee. By that time, which is around midnight, the Asian customers are typically totally drunk. Little Tokyo is so much better. However, I have to admit the girls were mostly a cut above the girls in Little Tokyo and elsewhere that I have seen. There were many real stunners. Pretty face, slamming body, just wow.

Our party consisted of 6 guys, total damage for food and drink was 24 million, so only ~4 million each. That included probably around 10 bottles of cheap whiskey and a full dinner. Got everyone pretty tanked. The minimum party size required is 3 guys. So, I can't hit this place solo unfortunately.
I only got 1 girl to sit with me. Expected tip was 500k. The other guys got 2 girls each, only 1 million for 2.

At midnight, things started winding down, I think you can party even later but by that time, most guys want to get going, if you know what I mean. ST is 3 million and overnight is 5 million. So pretty expensive but I am tempted go go back to see my girl again. She was STUNNING. The other girls were also really good looking. I would say that the average girl there would be the best girl in Little Tokyo. Real stunners there! I would say the hottest looking collection of girls I've seen anywhere in VN. But as I mentioned before, no English. They know a little Chinese or Japanese but again, it's very basic and limited. Best experience would be to go with a local or with someone who knows the language like me.

The name of the place I went to is called, "1127 Karaoke VIP Bar Lounge". It's located in the Fortune Hotel, 1127 Tran Hung Dao in D5. Business card attached. The back side of the card has the same info but in Chinese. My girl told me that the owner is a rich Chinese guy from Shanghai and he has a few places in VN. Swanky place. Lots of attendants. No one asked me for a tip but I did tip the guy who got me a cab like 25k and he was happy. There are cabs lined up out front for when you want to leave. Would recommend if you have a buddy who can speak Vietnamese and deep pockets.

Oh! One more thing. When you and the guests arrive, you will be escorted to your karaoke room. The manager will call the girls in to do a line up. Man, there were so many hot ones! I was blown away. They could not all fit in the room in one line. I would estimate 35-40 girls and that wasn't all of them because some other rooms were already booked with guests and girls. We arrived at around 8:00 PM. I asked my girl how many girls work there. She said she wasn't sure but probably 80.

Thanks to Roadrunner , TH

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