Thai MICHELLE (New, 19yo, stu)

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Thai MICHELLE (New, 19yo, stu)

Unread post by narwee52 » Fri May 12, 2017 3:52 am

New2Industry! Stunningly beautiful! E-cup heavy weight milk cow!

This is the best discription of this top lady MICHELLE.

MICHELLE is a very young Thai student. Completely new2industry, we have to train her up everything, from erotic massage to how to do a full service.

MICHELLE is a very shy, obedient young lady with tame and nice personality. She would not get angry nor inpatient to customer at all.

Body wise, huge E-cup bottomless milk, tanned skin tone and firm ass. Naturally tiny bottom with sexy short hairs.

And the photo session went very well. I got some very nice photos to share with you.

So if you don't see this top narwee lady MICHELLE, it's your own miss out!

MICHELLE normally works 10am - 8pm on her roster days.

More photos please see NarweeGirls Website

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sexy Michelle
sexy Michelle
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sexy Michelle
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sexy Michelle
sexy Michelle
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