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Bachelor Highlights From Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan

Beach Club at Kuala Lumpur

Photo credit: Petronas Towers at night

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia! Finally made it the legendary Beach Club (pictured above left), and I wasn't disappointed! So at face value, it's a kinda huge casual bar setup with balconies overlooking the street. Inside there is a large stage area where they have a hard rock cover band on most nites, plus a house DJ between sets. It's like R40 to get in ($13.37) and that includes one drink. You get a stamp, which is great because you can come back for seconds. Place seems to be more lively later in the evening so prolly 10pm is a good time to turn up.

So anyway the joint is LOADED with freelancers, the majority were from Vietnam. In fact the city of KL is awash with Vietnamese hookers, which is great! There was also a team of Uzbekistan girls and I was drinking at their table for an hour or so. They were fun, glamorous girls. I recall meeting a few Russian girls too. So anyway the Viets came in all shapes and sizes, sometimes you would swear you were talking to a Chinese bird but they all turn out to be Viet. So the vibe here is relaxed, all the girls seem to be having fun, they are all dolled up out to have a good nite out, even if they don't get a job they all seem to be enjoying themselves! Great to see them in their sexy clubbing gear. The ratio of girls to guys was really high so that was a bonus. Hours of fun chatting, drinking and getting to know the ladies before you make a selection. One word of caution, because the girls are all so close knit, they can effectively act as spies for one another. So just assume they all one big gossip family and you will be fine.

So my strategy here was to arrive at 10, drink and chat with as many birds as possible, pick one out and take her back to my hotel (pictured below). Share her cab with her back to the bar. Repeat till knackered.  Prices; most girls are quoting R400 $133 early in the evening, This is for an hour back at your hotel. As usual the more you look like Brad Pitt the less you pay. I found that many of the girls were negotiable if they felt some sort of connection. As a group they are all trying to hold the line at 400, but many of them are secretly caving in to as much as half that if they like you. All you have to do really is dress up a little and be kind to them and you already have a head start in the negotiations, no need to try and screw them but a friendly haggle usually pays off. Some guys reckon prices fall as the nite wears on. Don't miss this place if you are in KL - a brilliant freelancers bar highly recommended to anyone who has not already been there. 

Vietnamese freelancer in KL

Beach Club freelancer back at the hotel

HCMC at night

Inside Apocolypse Now bar Saigon

Lets jump across to Saigon, the southern capital of Vietnam. Apocalypse Now is the most well known freelancer pickup joint in Ho Chi Minh City. This nightclub has stood the test of time and is a packed out every weekend with a wide variety of visitors from all over the world. At face value it's a disco and the dance floor is jumpin especially Fri and Sat nites. They have celeb DJs and a decent light/sound system. It's also a legendary place to meet freelancer ladies who hang out here in the hope of scoring a customer. The entrance fee is relatively high, but factor in that you won't need to pay any bar fines. Tyrekicker is well know to almost everyone here it seems, so that was handy. Chat to ladies here and see if any appeal (some of them have attitude so don't assume) if you click with any just take them back to your hotel. I snuck upstairs to get this rare shot for the team (above right). Thien Kim Duc Hotel and Chu Bar are my other tips in HCMC. 

Lets bounce to Singapore, first stop Orchard Towers AKA Four Floors of Whores. This is good albeit expensive starting point for the bachelor visiting Singapore. For those who don't know it, Orchard Towers is a landmark entertainment complex, where the first five floors are a mix of retail and bars.  Every night these bars come alive and seem to be filled with freelancers from places like Singapore, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines and Russia. Some of the bars include Ipanema, Harry's Bar, Top 5 and Naughty Girl. Each bar has a different vibe, one is all Philippines, another with mostly Vietnamese. Other bars are mixed and keep an eye out for the Russian/Eastern European girls prowling around like cats. Cruise through these bars and even the surrounding streets nearby any evening to find a companion for the night. Geylang is another red light district of Singapore where everything is way cheaper. Hotels are cheaper in this area and it's a bit closer to the airport. Hundreds of Asian prostitutes mostly from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China work in Geylang. Both locals and visitors flock to this area each night for fun. Its a mixture of street workers, outcalls and establishments. Some of the streets are lined with brothels featuring large colorful numbers (pictured above). They look something like drive in motels. Generally things seem to heat up later at night. It's pretty easy to have a good time in Singapore. 

Tokyo Japan on a recent fact finding mission, my wing man Mandrake struck gold! From Mandrake: Well I checked out their website, Hentai Tokyo - their office was at Shibuya. You pick which girl you want, and pick what extras you want, I picked Sayoko (pictured above) off their website girl number 16, you pay at the office Y20,000 / $262 for 60mins, we walked around the corner to a love hotel which was an extra Y2000. She is young and fit - turns out she was a nympho. Good boobs with big nipples very sensitive. It was full on right from the beginning in the shower, she was washing my balls etc and it was off to a great start. On the cot I go down on her (and she's wet) i'm finger banging her, she's moaning and starting to cum already, she's absolutely on heat the whole time. She puts on a franga and jumps on board to ride the pony (still cumming). Then I jump on her sweating like a pig, and pump her for a bit. We did a few more positions and I've cum. Then she gives me a drooling slobber natural suck. So I'm like lets go again, so another rubber and I'm banging her again from behind. She admits she's never had it in the ass, I'm like - I wasn't planning greek but I will if you want. She was basically offering up her ass for free. This chick was insane, she just can't get enough. A natural born nympho. That's why she chose this job she said. In the end I ate her out 3 or 4 time, fucked her 3 or 4 times. I'm waiting for the bell to go and there's no bell - so oh well I just keep going. I normally don't cum twice but she's urging me to just do it again, so I'm going for it again from behind, I don't care how much I'm sweating, hammering away, thinking to myself - this is absolute gold, and I just explode. Didn't matter where you touched her she just got hornier and hornier. Best experience on the whole trip. Thanks Mandrake. More bachelors guides with additional photos in the forum.



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