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How can Hookerlooker help me with advertising?

The great thing about online advertising, is that results can be measured. We encourage everyone to read their website log files (stats) to see where their site visitors - or referrals, are really coming from.

This video shows you how. In particular you should pay attention to links from external pages.

Using Awstats, you can compare media sites against each other to see which advertising campaign is the most effective. 

Time and time again customers have found that we send them more clicks, than all other referrers combined (check out the pie chart example below).

Even if you don't have a website and don't know how to work a computer - the same sort of trends will apply to your profile on our site. 

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Is Hookerlooker right for me? The target demographic a Sydney brothel or massage parlor wants is Sydney brothel customers or punters. The bulk of our readership are Sydney punters, and visitors to Sydney. Put 2 and 2 together and boom! It's not complicated, from just $21 a week Hooker Looker is simply is the best value place to advertise your brothel, massage parlor or escort agency. 

Whats included in the Hooker Looker deal?
Includes: Banner Ad with graphic design 550x84 pixels
Includes: Shop profile/editorial copy in English, including address, phone number and prices
Includes: A dozen slots on our main pages
Includes: Exterior shot of the building included in your artwork 
Includes: A dozen photo shoots of your ladies (optional)
Includes: Dedicated thread in our forum section (optional)
Includes: Unlimited posts in our forum eg rosters, photos, specials

Do you have easy terms?
* All advertising is paid in advance
* You are not locked into any contracts
* You can pay by cash, checque or online banking
* Where more than one shop is involved, ask about discounts
* Pay for a year in advance and score a further discount

Can I post my rosters and photos on Hooker Looker?
It's free and easy to post rosters and photos in our forum. Simply register, log in and post all your roster info in your section of the forum. Add photos as attachments. You can even go back later and edit your posts. Nothing could be easier. You can talk about specials, or perhaps give descriptions of new girls. Anything at all really.

How can I tell if Hookerlooker really works?
The visitors we send to your site can be measured, so just try it for a month or two then read your log files - also known as referring site statistics. These numbers will tell you how many clicks or visitors we send to your website - a very useful measurement.

Who are your readers? Our readers represent a wide cross section of males in society who live in Sydney (or visit). As a generalization they are well educated, computer literate, discerning, well traveled, intelligent, mostly white collar, often in management and higher end roles, with enough disposable time and income to sustain an interest in visiting brothels or massage parlors on a regular basis. Clients tell us that internet customers tend to be more of the office types - educated gentlemen, they say that girls are generally happier with white collar punters because they are gentle. These active punters are the exact target demographic you should be trying to reach. There is no other publication with a higher proportion of these customers in their readership. 

How many people visit your site? We average around 13,963 unique visitors each month or 167 thousand per year. Also keep in mind at Hookerlooker our focus is on just one city - Sydney, keep that in mind when you compare us to national sites.   

Dummies Guide to setting up an online advertising strategy for any brothel, massage parlour or escort agency. First of all build a simple independent website that you control 100%. It does not need to be amazing. Second, experiment with advertising on other websites. At the end of each month compare which site sends you the most clicks. Ask your webmaster to show you the results which often come from a stats package such as AWStats, which is usually freely accessible in the Control Panel section of your website hosting account. You will immediately see which ads are working for you.     

What do your customers say? "Sometimes I think it's a little too effective" Management - Enmore Road

"Hookerlooker is my cheapest and most effective advertising" - Quentin 5 Alan St Fairfield. 

"We are a massage shop and we had nothing online, with Hookerlooker we went from having 8 or 9 jobs per day to 11 or 12 jobs per day so it's noticeable"  - Alice at 316

"I've never seen any campaign like this, we are on reception so we can sense the increase in calls as soon as the photos go up" Reception - At Michelles

"It's been good we started getting calls straight away" Kate - Breathless

"I'm really happy, you guys really helped my business, when I took over here (Redfern) I had a really rough clientele, since then with Hookerlooker, we now have a better class of regular customers, so the girls are happy" Apple - A&Y Bodykiss

"Guys, thanks so much for the great review and the write up in your forum. I got heaps of clients who came to see me because that".- Chanelle (WL at Casablanca Liverpool) 

"A third of my business comes from websites" Quentin / Kyoto / Cherryblossoms 5 Alan St Fairfield (been with us since 2003)

Why are local papers so expensive? Advertising in community newspapers is a joke, they are mostly used by retired grannies to line their birdcages, while the rest end up straight back in the recycle bin unopened. Sometimes they go directly from the pallet load into the bin, or are just dumped in suburban streets, so much for 'readership' and 'distribution'. The street papers are notoriously difficult to find and are only designed for readers in one electorate (there are 26 in total). The other problem with print advertising and the yellow pages is that they tend to have a specially inflated pricing structure (some would say price gouging) for adult advertisers. Print newspapers are facing extinction - yet in some papers it still costs $10 a line to advertise a car but $100 a line to advertise a brothel - it doesn't make sense. 

"Hookerlooker offers everything that print media cannot - global reach, cheaper rates, results that can be measured, and most of our readers are actual punters"

Go Figure. A community newspaper would charge you $1869 for a banner add the same size over a month, but we'll do a fraction of that - just $180. Artwork is included with our banners and they can stand alone, or surfers can click on the banner to link through to your website bringing even more publicity. 

Stop Press! Here's the scoop - printed newspapers are in a death spiral towards extinction. The fact is that with the Internet these days, guys no longer need to pick up newspapers and magazines - it's all on the web for free. Interestingly, whenever street rags are republished online, the user interface of their classifieds section is literally 'unusable'. It doesn't translate. Even Rupert Murdoch talks about the extinction of newspaper print, it's just a matter of time. 

How can I reach domestic and international visitors to Sydney? Hooker Looker is part of a global network of websites such as and and and offering travelers tips on the game in all corners of the world. Sydney is one of the best places on Earth for visitors, as our laws are more liberal here - compared to say the US or Japan. It's like being in a candy store here. Did you know that Sydney airport handled 35.9 million passengers in 2010? Did you know that there are 5.1 million International visitors to Sydney each year? That there are 16,482 hotel beds in Sydney? Hookerlooker is a great way to reach US naval vessels on R&R or businessmen who are planning their trip downunder and we receive many emails from executive travelers from overseas asking us for advice. Not to mention millions of red blooded Aussie domestic travelers who routinely visit Sydney. Your best bet to reach these randy visitors is to raise your profile on this website which is plugged in to the global community, so that visitors can do their homework and research your services before they land.  

What is your photos policy? Having photos of your ladies on this site is totally optional, but if you do, both the model and the shop must consent to having photos published, and models must be over 18 years of age. 

Our policy, of course, is to use the best shots available, however no two people can ever agree on which shots to use, so the final decision is best left to the Editor and is not negotiable. We always strive to choose the most flattering shot available, but if you are not happy with that one bad luck. Note that you can send in your own photos at any time for consideration. 

If you have any further issues with photography on this website contact us in writing at the Editor's email address given below. 

"When photos of Eva went online, she went from only earning 2 or 3 hundred per day to over $1000 per day" 
- SWL Management

* Photos are limited to 10 on the main pages and 5 on the massage page
* Photoshop / graphic design work is all in-house
* We guarantee faces will be blurred
* We only publish authentic photos, not "look-alike" photos off the web
* Ladies must consent to having photos published
* Choose your most photogenic ladies first
* Try photographing each model in 12 different positions
* Submit at least 12 shots of each girl
* Photograph each lady separately, group shots don't fit our format
* Clearly label each file with the name of the model
* Try to send images no larger thank 800x600 if you can
* We offer free photo shoots at your location 24x7

Photo Tips! We recommend you keep a digital camera on hand and take photos in-house when time permits. Naturally, some working ladies are a little unsure at first about having their shots on this site, even when their identities are hidden. Some ladies will agree to pix and some won't, its all good, the main thing is that we respect their wishes. Allow new ladies time to settle into the job before photographing them. Simply send all the shots you have to our email address given below and leave the rest to us. 

Copyright Under Australian law, copyright ownership of photos we take belongs to Hooker Looker. We always respect the wishes of our customers and especially the models themselves regarding photos, however other websites or publishers are not allowed to use most of the shots that appear on this site. Using or linking to our photography is not allowed, other publishers and websites need to go and find their own content and not steal ours.



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