This weekend at Cherry Blossoms

Cherryblossoms 5 Alan St Fairfield 0451 145 645
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This weekend at Cherry Blossoms

Unread postby trashhammer » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:15 pm

Sat Night My pick of the bunch >

Mai - my fave little jumping bean. Seen her 4 times now. She always jumps on the bed like a teenager on a trampoline, and can't wait to get started. Ferocious little energiser bunny in the cot. I have tried her several times , a very consistent service always fun time with her. from Vietnam.

Jenny- slim model like petite figure , long slend legs, bubble butt, usually in a tiny red bra and pants outfit. Great attitude and quite passionate and romantic bunny in the room. 2 good sessions with her a while back. A nice girl too. from Vietnam

Nikki was in a little black dress , busty and good booty , not tried her yet , but looks good for it. from Vietnam.

Heidi - has to have the cutest booty and walk in the shop, great legs , pretty face. I had a session with her last year, and i spent most of it adoring god given little bubble butt. We seemed to click and it was all good.

Sarah - Korean slim with classy bobbed hair style, tyre-kicker said her had a good run with her.

Vicky red dress Vietnam girl very long hair, very neat trim figure smiling sexy/cute style face, good figure on my shopping list also

Barbie - stacked and very well bootied, smiling cute face , next on my shopping list. Looked tempting in a flower patterned bikini that showed of a great "ass-et"

There was Aussie girl Tiffany on but she had clocked off just before I got there, a blonde who works a few days, slim. No other data on her yet.

Most of these girl are on tomorrow too.

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