Amy - brand new Viet cutie arrived today

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Amy - brand new Viet cutie arrived today

Unread postby trashhammer » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:46 am

Was out at CB's doing pics for Jenny. Ran into punter Tyrekicker there, who told me i just 'must' see a new girl he had just finished a booking with.
Met Amy ...OMFG , he was right. A pristine Viet girl, 23yo, long long hair, a pretty face, A+ cups, long slender legs, perfect cute booty, flat tummy and perfect trimmed little rig.

Booked 30mins and not a second was wasted in me getting straight into daty with her . She loves it, that is for sure. and she returned the favour with beautiful ball-licking and bj. Holy shit, this girl is a gem of a find.
Figure and looks right up there with my other fave Heidi, but Jenny is leading in hot the service dept. Having said that, after seeing Heidi walk around in her new swimsuit, she needs a revisit too, and soon.

Back to Jenny, this girl loves to cum a few times. Her in doggy with downward arched back, her face sideways on the mattress looking like an angel, her hips bucking back at me, it was a battle not to blow too early. Booty shape in this position...ridiculous!
Her coffee coloured tone all over and bounciness in the butt muscles, a real cum-blast maker. She totally wore me out and I got so over heated, she had to finish me off with ball-lick hand job combo which took every drop out me in 3 big shots.

Tick all boxes, a real slender piece of heaven from Vietnam. Great find Tyrekicker!
This girl will undoubtedly become popular fast.

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Re: Amy - brand new Viet cutie arrived today

Unread postby tyrekicker » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:49 pm

Wow ! Have done 2 session with her and booked a third tomorrow , but she is headed back to Melbourne Wed, but told me she is returning in December. She has hell of a body, and to be truthful you can't find much better than this girl in Vietnam. Only downside is her English is so so. But I can obviously forgive her for that, as she is a real angel. Good cbj , non-smoker, long legs, and in heels as tall as me, lovely teenie style breasts, very attractive face , long hair, big eyes and model figure drove me nutz. Some great sex, standing doggy, wishbone, cowgirl with her leaning right back for some of the ride. Good time, good price.

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