Miss Africa at the Markets

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Miss Africa at the Markets

Unread post by bender » Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:44 am

So today I was wandering around the food vendors stalls at lunchtime, and passed this slim African piece. I gave her a wink and she winked back. I started up a conversation with her and she agreed to come back to my room to do a massage for R150. Reckons she doesn't work at nite. Back in the room she became a bit more pushy and somehow the price increased to 200. She let down her long braided hair and got her gear off for an extended suck. Finally she was so terrified of even getting a single drop of cum anywhere near her skin that it went a bit sour at the end. She finally ''allowed" me to dump a load on her tits, before I kicked her out. Certainly an interesting bit of afternoon fun via Africa.
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