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Mandrake nails a Nympho

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:20 pm
by bender
From Mandrake: Well I checked out their website, their office is at Shibuya you go up past 109 department store kinda up the hill and it's on the right, they have a video how to find it on their website. You pick which girl you want, and pick what extras you want, I picked Sayoko off their website girl number 16, you pay at the office Y20,000 / $262 for 60mins, we walked around the corner to a love hotel which was an extra Y2000. She is young and fit - turns out she was a nympho. Good boobs with big nipples very sensitive. It was full on right from the beginning in the shower, she was washing my balls etc and it was off to a great start. On the cot I go down on her (and she's wet) i'm finger banging her, she's moaning and starting to cum already, she's absolutely on heat the whole time. She puts on a franga and jumps on board to ride the pony (still cumming). Then I jump on her sweating like a pig, and pump her for a bit. We did a few more positions and I've cum. Then she gives me a drooling slobber natural suck, drool everywhere. So I'm like lets go again, so another rubber and I'm banging her again from behind. She admits she's never had it in the ass, I'm like - I wasn't planning greek but I will if you want. She was basically offering up her ass for free. This chick was insane, she just can't get enough. A natural born nympho. That's why she chose this job she said. In the end I ate her out 3 or 4 time, fucked her 3 or 4 times. I'm waiting for the bell to go and there's no bell - so oh well I just keep going. I normally don't cum twice but she's urging me to just do it again, so I'm going for it again from behind, I don't care how much I'm sweating, hammering away, thinking to myself - this is absolute gold, and I just explode. Didn't matter where you touched her she just got hornier and hornier. Best experience on the whole trip. Afterwards met Bender at Shibuya Hub for beers. Thanks Mandrake.

Re: Mandrake nails a Nympho

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:44 pm
by coughlin
Tokyo Hentai Club is now better than it used to be. They merged the two offices and hired a bunch of new chicks. Some of them are even fucking! To me the best things about it are:

1. The staff speaks fluent English.
2. A lot of the girls let you video tape the session!

I have about 10 videos already. It wasn't cheap, but considering that I could tape the sessions and bring them home with me to wank off to until I die, I think it was more than worth it.

Re: Mandrake nails a Nympho

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:30 pm
by bender
Welcome Coughlin