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TH Diary/Blog of Vietnam trip 2 - 2018

Unread post by trashhammer » Mon May 07, 2018 10:28 pm

Ho Chi Min Diary /Blog 30th April to 17th May

This my journey solo in HCM, and hope you get a few useful tips out of it.
Started at Apocolypse Bar which may not not be everyones fave, but is one of mine. But branching out and picking up tips from locals and OS guys about lots of stuff to surviving well here in Ho Chi Min City.
Just a heads up though, not trying to find dirt cheapest girls , just good quality ones who speak at least moderate english, at a reasonable rate, and there are plenty here if you know where to look. And accom is important if you want somewhere decent you can take them fun time.

30.4.18 Monday
Arrived at  The Cat, a girl friendly hotel, showered and hooked up with a few friends for dinner then cabbed it over to Aocolypse Now.
Unbelievably, Mia the first girl I met last trip was there, and walked straight out with her, not even buying drink or checking other girls. Top bbbj and sex and rose-leafing. her sex is always, very vocal hard rutting stuff, very pliable and many positions tried. Her fee as usual was 2.5 mill dong ($120 Aud) Time an hour or more, she stays til you are exhausted. For a girl of this calibre and looks, a fair price IMO. No bar fine there, but you may be asked to pay for a cab back to her club. It was approx $3 AU from my accommodation, but Mia didn't ask as she was guessing there would be a re-booking, later in the week. Sadly there wasn't, as so much to try there.
Mia may drop it to 2 mill, if you are nice to her, a regular, and it suits her time-wise. Early in the night, so no discount after
1.30 am , maybe if it's quiet. No problem for me, I understand. Just good biz sense by her, and she ''IS'' dynamite in the cot.

Note ! She is always in a one piece tight pants suit, as she knows it shows her ass off the best.
Again best sex I have had in Ho Chi Min, last trip, and I booked her 2 times, in Dec 2017
It was a public holiday for 2 days in a row labor Day and Independence Day and lot of  girls had gone back home to country areas to see parents. But Mia was there, so who gives a fuck. Long flight all day and a session like that and I was done for the day.

1/5/18 Tuesday
Cat hotel has become rundown, no maintenance. Stayed 1 night only.
Got a tip from a girl met there last visit. Dan Le Guest House in District 1 , lane off 171 Co Bac St Only 350,000 dong per night. 3rd floor, no lift but very clean modern rooms, TV, air con, free wifi, your laundry done for free and left at your door and . Free kitchen to use. Free bottled water, tea and coffee. Very pleasant family run place and girl friendly. Heaven compared to most cheap places. I will be back her for sure. Suggest you book ahead.

Also down the lane to Co Bac St, and across the road, good quick eats, all the athletes eat there. Caloric and nurtitionally balanced food. Too easy!
Best Eats accross the road from Califonia and Dan Le guest houses..JPG
Best Eats accross the road from Califonia and Dan Le guest houses..JPG (53.43 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Run by Canadian, cleanest, safest most, nutricious in HCM..JPG
Run by Canadian, cleanest, safest most, nutricious in HCM..JPG (45.18 KiB) Viewed 515 times
But just around the corner in the lane way, another small hotel where a lot of English teacher stay, has attached a small shop that does a great beef stir fry for $3 aud (50,000 dong). had it about 5 times. Get your milk and cereals etc. there too. A good place to chat to westerners and get tips, like where to change your money , clubs, eateries and even other accom and part time jobs if you intend being there awhile. Fills in your days and gives you extra punting money.

And no, I didn't get freebies for the plugs.

Ventured down to Apocalypse Now Bar again, not everyone's fave, but suits me so far, as quality girls and no bar fine. Again quieter than normal, being a public holiday, so I was there for at least one drink this time lol.
Spotted  stunner of the night, but she wanted 4 mill dong, no negotiations. She thought she would get her price, being only
11 pm and her being star of the bar tonight She might well get it too, but I was not willing to sit around til 1 or 2 am to find out, by re-bidding.
Did a quick round of the room and got a few nice winks, but girl in a ponytail and a flashing smile won me.
Bit chubbier than I usually pic but a nice butt and very vivacious smile and flashing eyes underneath some wicked evil eyebrows.

Phoon (nickname Happy) had a big  booty in harem style pants, good English and a really nice manner. Settled quickly on 2 mill dong, taxi back to Co Bac Street, Dan Le Guesthouse was 70k dong ($3.50). A real set c+ bust. After a shower got her into daty, and said she hadn't come for 5 days. She was primed alright, some strong violent reactions from her. Enjoys herself with ease. Good bbbj, sex went fully over an hour, before I let her big round ass cheeks take the load. After shower more cuddles then she placed 3 bright red lipstick kisses on my nipples and stomach, and she said this will remind of her when I shower in the morning . She was right. Nice girl. Good value.

2.5.18 Wednesday
Hit Apocolypse Bar 11.30pm. Spotted a busty tall stunner, she wanted 4 mill dong, wouldn't bargain, put my best spiel on, but to no avail, so I moved on.
A size 5 doll caught my eye, so I circled around like shark to observe booty shape. Okay, this is surely gonna be another 4 mill girl so I moved on. But a few minutes later I saw her talking with Phoon. After Phoon had first ascertained I was not giving her another run, as I told her, each night I want different girl, she happily introduced me to Linh.
Phoon must have given me good rap, so at 2 mill dong agreed on with Linh, off we go.

Back in my room, her gear comes off, petite tanned body enhanced set, no tats, she works in a high-end fashion shop outa town a bit. Tiny cute firm booty and lasered fresh as a daisy rig.
My pics of her don't do her justice in the harsh light. Gentle doll to start with, but lit up quickly with some daty. Bbbj good then some very well executed cowgirl. She of was going hard and out there vocally, I could of got pics. She is worth re-run. Would have been interested to see her again, but sadly didn't see her again at the club.

3.5.18 Thursday
Night off. Dinner with friends from last trip, and trekking around for more places to pick up, stay and shop. Was gonna go out at midnight, but so walked off my feet, fell asleep and woke at 2am. So be it.
Note to self ! Keep afternoon walking to a minimum for Apoc visit days, and have an easy afternoon with perhaps a nap before you head out at 11 pm or so.

4.5.18 Friday
Had to change Au$ for dong. English teacher guy I met at lunch spot, gave me a tip on place. Near Ben Thanh markets. Not the Agri Bank , the one with glass on 3 sides. It's called Ha Tam.
Best money exchange near Ben Tanh market place.JPG
Best money exchange near Ben Tanh market place.JPG (87.29 KiB) Viewed 519 times
Good rates low fee. I got 20.4 mill dong out. Which allowed living expenses taxis and 8 APOC punts and 6 massages. If you allow yourself $180 a day, for a FS punt, accommodation, taxis and food, you should be fine. I would prefer a massage and a punt each day but that kinda takes the edge off the night punt.
I would really like to find a GF friendly upmarket hotel close to Apoc, if I had a bigger budget.
Best thing, in the mean time, is find a temp non pro GF here to hang our with. You see quite a few older guys walking around with little cuties, which meand they have done several trips, or one long one, to set the situation up. Good for them!

5.5.18 Saturday
Headed to chemist in Bui Vin, District 1 and check out the massage street, to investigate Viagra prices. $3 for 50mg Cialis same price for standard 20mg . A good price. buy from a pharmacy though, roughly same price you pay on line. If you use them regularly, good place to stock up before you leave once you find what suits you best. Been okay so far without, but weekend now, and more girls on at Apoc Now, so taking reinforcements, just in case multiple punts or a dbl is on.
Bui Vien on a quiet night, Fri & Sat closed to traffic.JPG
Bui Vien on a quiet night, Fri & Sat closed to traffic.JPG (55.7 KiB) Viewed 504 times
Plus had overnight stay bar-girl Linda from Bui Vien, at night which entailed sex at night and Bbbj with CIM in middle of the night as well first thing in the morning, so a bit draining. Cost was 2 mill dong plus a 300k dong bar-fine plus a few drinks as i got to check out out her vibe. However, got her FB address and  she left message the next day, so should be able organise a day visit for less plus no bar-fine, so it was a good investment.
Atractive milf with passion in her bj and loved daty too. A bit of a Latina look to her, so happy with that booty shape.

6.5.18 Sunday
Jojo's entrance Hem 57.JPG
Jojo's entrance Hem 57.JPG (41.8 KiB) Viewed 537 times
took another walk down Bui Vien for dinner, some Pho, outside a large bar, the checked out Jojo's and in the process met a real cutie, Tuyet, a mischievous 25yo who looks 19. Very cheeky/flirty, but nice girl, English fine, paid 600,000 dong all up. Paid 200,000 don to boss , 400,000 to girl , all up $36 aud, but keep in mind Tuyet gave me 100,000d off, because I promised to return.  She was top fun, a good massage building to beautiful tongue flicking on the balls and bbbj.
Time with full massage, including my aching feet was 1 hour.  A must return visit girl.
Teyut at Jojo's.JPG
Teyut at Jojo's.JPG (53.37 KiB) Viewed 541 times
Feeling good after my massage session and feeling somewhat cavalier, I struck up conversation in Bui Vien St, with an attractive Ugandan girl, who surprise surprise, was up for bookings at 2 mill dong. Will meet her at her accommodation, Full Moon Hostel tomorrow night for some dinner.
Bui Vien St land mark. Opposite is lane with Full Moon Hostel at far end on left.JPG
Bui Vien St land mark. Opposite is lane with Full Moon Hostel at far end on left.JPG (56.09 KiB) Viewed 529 times
We will then go to Apoc Now bar, to show her setup there. She only arrived last week and needs to be with a guy when she enters, so they know she's not stealing work from the freelancer girls, who have paid a fee to work there and hold a table spot in key bar area.

7.5.18 Monday
I tried another Guest House, The California, just down lane. There two, California 1 and California 2 which next door.
$20 (350k dong per night) which offers free breakfast which you follow with free lunch if your are skint.
California 1.JPG
California 1.JPG (48.14 KiB) Viewed 502 times
California 2.JPG
California 2.JPG (55 KiB) Viewed 502 times
Ugandan traveller, Olivia dinner date 9.30 pm at small cafe, and she didn't order outrageously or anything . Very nice company, well mannered polite girl. After an hour we jumped a cab to Apoc Bar, walked in holding hands , as if my gf, no problems. We had a drink, and I chatted to a few security guys, friendly as usual, despite bringing Olivia, who was looking smokin' hot. After 30 min, we were on the way to my place, full-on kissing in back of the taxi. whoa, exciting stuff, those full cushion like lips so nice.
Olivia from Uganda.JPG
Olivia from Uganda.JPG (41.4 KiB) Viewed 522 times
In my room, nice relaxed but heating up gf stuff. Bbbj with her big cute eyes looking up at me, a Kodak moment. I did daty for her and she was very vocal in her appreciation, seemed like 2 orgasms, then she was keen for sex. Plenty of good thrashing ramming, bouncing booty stuff. Finished with hj and shooting a load on her chest, with a great vicious look on her face as she revelled in stealing every drop and rubbing it on her nipples. I had in me onto her dark swollen nipples.
I suggested we walk back to her place together as I wanted to be sure I could find her place again.
She promised to stay o/night next time, But 2 days later she had checked out. Bummer as a lovely girl to spend time with. She couldn't have been nicer really, unless she hadn't charged me 2 mill dong lol.

8.5.18 Tuesday
Slacked out on research and did return session with cute Tuyet ( prounounced to-eat), because I got room/massage fee of 300kdong and 500k dong to Tuyet, which got me 90 mins of BBBJ , ball tickle, pussy play inside, and 2 loads shot.with a foot massage in between shot , which gave me time to recover for 2nd blow. Gorgeous little doll, highlight of my trip so far. When you consider 800 dong is about $45aud , for 90 mins of bliss, its a neat way to spread out The Apoc Bar nights at 2.5 mill dong , plus 200k dong for return cab fares.

9.5.18 Wednesday
Went to another shop, Salon Tinh, to see Cherry who took time out to guide me to my date with Olivia, as I got hopelessly lost because I did not understand the lane (Hem) numbering, but she wasn't there at the time. So went back to Jojo's on Hem 57, Bui Vien St, intending to see a different girl, but arrived to a big smile from Tuyet, and knowing what she could deliver, took her yet again. All good again.
Hem (Lane) 84 off Bui Vien leads to Tinh Massage.JPG
Hem (Lane) 84 off Bui Vien leads to Tinh Massage.JPG (81.48 KiB) Viewed 501 times
Directly opposite Hem 84 entrance on Bui Vien , you will Hem 57 entrance, go 100m down there, Jojo's is in the right.

Cruised the rest of the Bui Vien again and saw some incredible young and leggy things in tiny short with impossibly cute faces, sitting on their own, just beyond the line of spruking girls. I was later told these girls are often available to take home or to a hotel room. But most tourists didn't realize that, including me. Damn it!
Apparently the word from those in the know is, if they sit there with no drink in front of them, they are waiting for a pick up. Either from a random guy off the street or a pre-arranged booking. The only way to find out is to ask. These girls are good looking and young enough to cherry-pick their clients, so don't be surprised when they say they are waiting for friend. Maybe they are, but maybe they don't like the look of you. i.e. You don't look rich enough. lol

10.5.18 Thursday
Did some shopping around lunch time, and more searching out more massage places When girls approach me now, with their price lists, I tell them straight up what I want. Their Clothes off, one hour, Hj and Bbbj for no more than $600. Pushing it a bit b I know, but just a bit. Also, the girl you chat to with flyer/handout, is the girl you can have, or go to shop and see all available.
But you may have trouble negotiating in front of other girls. I have tried negotiating in the room, and got a no-take-off-clothes girl. She was youngest, slimmest, and obviously the cutest girl in the shop, and wouldn't do it for even more than standard price and def no Bbbj available either, so I got dressed again and she left the room. No hard feelings, a darling little thing, but I have to pick new girl. She was okay. That's when bosslady Jojo suggested Tuyet, and thank heavens for that, as she is an amazing little sweetie. So Tuyet will probably getting in her hand outa me this trip, at least 1,900,000 dong/ $114 Aud over 4 sessions, which isn't bad for Vietnam pay. Can highly recommend her if you go to Jojo's.

Tempting thing is every massage place may have another 1 or 2 Tuyets in there. So that's my mission for my remaining 7 days here, and squeeze in another 3 or 4 Apoc adventures. Floated home after another 90 mins of bliss bbbj, daty, 69, and some much needed foot massage, during which she applied some of her personal medicine, kind of like a deep heat oil. Nice of her. A real sweet girl.

11.5.18 Friday
Hit Apoc Now about 11.45, $3 cab to the door. Went straight to front of the club and petite Linh was there with 2 friends looking glamorous, with extra waves and curls in her long hair. Tried to book her, but she said she had a booking in 40mins, so decided kill time and look around . I met a tall girl in a red dress, enhanced rack, long straight light brown hair parted on the side, fairly tall, square shoulders, full booty. Tried to negotiate down to 2 mill dong, but she wouldn't move from $200 US, so I abandoned that, and moved to another side of the room to get a fresh look at what was on offer as a few more had turned up.
Started chatting to a petite girl, Nung. She offered to look after me very well for 2.5 mill dong. This is where I made mistake 1. Moved back to girl in red dress, we chatted, and she was a bit terse. Mistake 2. Decided to offer her 2.5 mill dong.
She accepted, and she said for me to go ahead and she would follow me in 1 minute. Why is this ? ... Because I was known for having a 2 mill price max with some of the better looking girls and she didn't want to be seen leaving with me. Mistake 3 , I agreed to that.
Outside the security girls were like, "Oh, no girl tonight, so sad". Then red dress girl walks out,"Oh! See you again sir". We go to taxi, she complains about my place being too far away, and why do I stay there. Mistake 4 The final chance to back out of the deal easily, and i don't.
Anyways at my place, she complains about no lift. She showers, then I shower, ready for fun. Then the rules come out. You lie down. Let me do my job. (Yuk, I hate that). Sex starts pretty good, tight rig and she is getting into it. Try for doggie. Told her I cant come kneeling mish or mish, so reluctantly gives me doggie for a while, but then she is tired. WTF ?. Her first job of the night and 2nd position, and she's tired ?
So go back to doggie, and after giving her complaining bitch booty a real hammering, a great shape I must admit, and I nearly blew. Back to mish, push up style for a clean thrust, and she was going for an orgasm, but I wanted more eye contact, which she refused. Fuck it! I pulled out. And I said, "Lets forget it baby, you aren't into it. We'll finish now". She jumps up, heads for shower, quickly dresses, goes to walk out, and parted with " I shouldn't have come here". I said, "Well you got that bit right".
She asks, "You disappointed ?" I said, Yes. And with that she left, thankfully without having the hide to ask for return taxi fare. Time in room actually doing something, 20 min.
In hindsight, the time to bail was before we got into the taxi.
MY fault ! The warning signs were there, but I was blinded by the quality of her presentation and body.
If I had bailed before the cab, it would have shown girls back inside, she had been rejected, for some reason.
What really was salt in the wound, was Mia ( my no.1 girl there) had just come through the door, as I left. Should have cancelled red dress girl, and taken Mia straight out to the cab at 2.5mill, and left the bee-atch at the curb fuming.
Plus in hindsight, the petite one who offered to look after me well (something you don't hear from Apoc girls). If I see her again I will apologise for not choosing her and book her for 2.5 mill. She seemed a really nice girl. Silly me. Had a gut feeling to go with her and ignored it. Another mistake.
btw "Gut Feeling" is a proven scientific fact. Our stomach is hard wired to brain, to give warning signal to the brain in tense situations and guide primitive decision making. So listen to your gut feeling, for good and bad messages.
Loss for evening, though I did get to slam that booty, so I can dismiss it when sighted again, was 2.6 mill dong for a no-blow night. Ouch!!! Lesson learned. Piss off the complainers immediately, and choose, yes on a gut feeling, and don't overthink it if the girl has a genuinely nice vibe.

12.5.18 Saturday
Looking fwd to another 90 min deal with Tuyet. The boss talked me and Tuyet in to 2hrs, and seemed like a good idea at the time. Everything great till 90 min mark , I had already blown. But tonight she had unusually had jean shorts on which she wouldn't take off . Warning ! Why ?.. Period. My mistake for not being observant, it looked like a short jeans skirt. Kinda soured the finish. She got tired or bored. lol. Asked her why she agreed to 2 hrs. Boss forced her. After a cuddle and chat , called it 15 mins early and no hard feeling. I can see her Tues for a final playtime, if i feel like it. A nice girl I would like to keep in touch with and by far the best fun massage one I have tried here out of my 2 trips to Vietnam.

After the session, my wing-man Roadrunner (my Viet contact), did a survey of the Japan-Town area. And will be going back Sunday night to try some clubs there. Some real little stunners spotted, about 30 massage places there for happy endings, plus some girlie bars and good places to eat. Tonight will try to get for ones that do boom boom service (FS). Price might be an issue , but heard some good things re quality of girls and rooms there. Note! No Japanese girls there as far as we could see, but quite a few speak fluent Japanese in the restaurants, as many Japanese men eat there. so I guess Viet girls learning Japanese at college get work there.
Also quite accommodation places there as well, which I might try trip 3 to Vietnam. This area alone is worth a 2 week stay. So many girls here, and they are definitely a cut above the Bui Vien girls and FS easy to find. Didn't see one fuggly or chubber there. Much cleaner quieter place than Bui Vien, and I am guessing that's why Japanese guys visit and stay here, hence the the place has become a Japan Town situation. When you consider this place was walk-able from my accom, it worked out to be a cheaper punt overall than Apoc Now. Also girls are younger, very friendly and competitive because of the number of places there. Definitely worth a look early in your visit, and don't leave it until last like I did.

13.5.18 Sunday
Entering Japan Town area.JPG
Entering Japan Town area.JPG (77.37 KiB) Viewed 499 times
Headed to Japan Town tonight with wing-man Roadrunner, who has fluent English and Vietnamese on board. A bit overwhelmed with the amount of massage places that have 5-10 girls around 20-25yo.
And you wont see any fugglies, fatties or plain Janes here. After much questioning and observe ring girl tactics and movements, e believe this to be rough idea, of how it works here as opposed to Bui Vien massage shops.
1. girls are better quality.
2 Mamasans usually speak english well, and the girls have at least a sprinkling, enough together thru the session.
3. you pay set fee for rooms but a choice for VIP room, small 1 room apartment with separate bathroom/shower. Although just massage table Room fee 250k dong ($15aud), VIP 400Kd ($24 aud)
4 Once in the room you negotiate price for service but it will be something like this 500kd massage,
1mill dong with hand-job happy ending, 1.5 mill dong bbbj (no cim generally), 2 mill/ $120 Aud for boom boom (covered sex), so all up FS $135 /hr in standard massage room and $144 for VIP in VIP room. They may still ask for a tip if they think they did well for you. They may pout if don't, or tell them tip if good, at end. Up to you , they will just try it on, as because of the number of good girls in line-up, they won't all get a job that night.
5. If you didn't see anything you like in the 6 to 10 presented, the mamasan may make a call, and a few minutes another 15 or 20 availables turn up,from all the other shops in the the area. Must be a cut for owner going on from other shop OR an owner has 5 or so shops also running. Girls don't mind as doesn't effect girls, as they just get all their money direct from client. So basically , no need to go walking the blocks, just refuse all in shop, and then get them all to come to you. All you need to do if you regularly go there is find shop where you get best room and best room price, then get them to come to you. Mind you, we can't say for sure whether all shops there are in the co-op system, so best to start at a big line up to start with.

We decided on a place called Lucky. I took VIP room at 400k, paid to the mamasan who was 25yo and smokin' hot herself with a beautiful rack on display. I had spotted a beautiful girl on the way in and got very nice eye contact and a beautiful smile, great figure in a stretch fabric tight dress, so had already made up my mind.
We went upstairs, room fine, had a shower as always sweaty after walking. We then negotiated the price.
Unfortunately she was on period, but I was going bbbj anyway, so 1.5 mill paid to girl. Stripped down to knickers and straight into tackle tickle, ball lick and bbbj . I kissed all over her body except rig , booty was perfect and rubbery, stunner face. Finished me off with an explosive ball-rake and tug. Said I would like I might come back for boom boom, but she was a bit scared as western cock size a bit of an issue, but talked her into agree to boom boom if I let her control in cowgirl. I would too if I had longer duration, but limmited days now there is a LOT of good looking girls in the area. Well dressed girls, less with tats, and a cut above Bui Vien and Apocalypse girls in my opinion.

Pros and Cons of Japan Town >
Pros. The girls younger, beautifully presented, smiling and willing as hell to go with you. Quiet atmosphere and good lighting to make your choice. For boom boom 100,000 dong cheaper than Apoc and you know you get exactly the time you get as clock on the wall.
Cons. Girl won't extend for free if they like you. What the girls say they will do is it. If you don't agree , you will have to go back to intro room and start again. However when you go into the room, point at the clock and get them to agree and confirm the time you are finishing. This is important if you have paid for an extended time like 90 mins or 2 hrs. ALWAYS do this, as you must pay upfront for the room time. There is no extending from the room and paying on the way out and it prevents you getting time cut, which kind of happened. Also if you are booking 90 or 120 mins, make sure you you tell the girl you want to cum 2 times , BEFORE you pay her. This is part of the negotiation, and you must do this or you may be in a long session, blow at 20 or 30 min mark, and have nothing but massage for 60 or 90 mins.

What did I learn? If I want sex , sit down in intro room (3 couches around my shop), and see if they are able and up to boom boom with westerner (ask if on period) , and negotiate price , before you go to room, they will like to whisper this conversation in your ere, to avoid other girls hearing. And who doesn't like a cute Asian girl whispering in their ear, eh ?
This does give you the upper hand in a way, as she full well know that at this stage you can easily switch your choice to another girl. Tip! Take your own condom size and small pack of lube, just in case. But they do carry both. These girls do a lot let sex than hookers in Sydney, here they only need 2 jobs a week to cover living expenses.

Compared to Bui Vien, yes at least 2x price in total in Japan town for bbbj massage, but cuter, sweeter, younger, less hardened girls and boom boom more on the menu as well. Bui Vien, boom boom is rare. In the end, it's your choice, your style, and what kind of girl and situation does it for you.
Roadrunner and I will definitely be going back. So much to see and try their and a more up market place to hang and have dinner, and yeah that 2X price at most japanese place but the Viet place are good too.
some pics to follow of Japan-town soon.

14.5.18 Monday
Did some shopping at Be Thahn markets again , sorted some accom issues, and went out about 10pm to Biu Vien, intending once again to go to Cherry's shop for a massage. Got a bit disorientated and ended up new alley to Full Moon, so cruised over, stuck my head in the bar. Deserted. Headed up to the end and who was at the cafe, but Olivia. Turns out I had messed up out date time last week. She had indeed booked out of Full Moon, in order to get away from, and her words, "those crazy black girls." She didn't get my message of course and but said she was going to try and find me as she heard I had moved to California Guesthouse, just down from Dan Le, where she visited me before.
Wow! So great to find her, and we headed to my place. On the way I asked if she would stay overnight, and she did, for a bit extra, total 2.5 mill dong. Bargain, but we did click first time. (44.62 KiB) Viewed 521 times
So nice to be with her with no rush involved. Listened to some music videos for a while until she kneeled on the bed and took off her top and bra, and then it was on. Kissing, daty, bbbj, some rutting loud sex then a hj finish. Slept well together, and in the early morning kissing her beautiful black body all over, daty, extended bbbj with hj finish. All was wonderful in the world again.
Leisurely shower together and she left about 9am, with plan for dinner Wednesday night. My 2nd last night so a nice way to end the tour. Hope it happens. Honest, sweet-heart of a girl.

15.5.18 Tuesday
With an early morning shoot with Olivia, wondering whether to go out, but probably end up just getting a massage at Cherry's or Jojo's with Teyut as she she is a nice gentle girl to shoot a load with. Just an hour though. Tomorrow Olivia, then my last night Apoc Club with Linh or Mia if I am lucky. Following day I leave hotel at around 5pm, so time for a last arvo shoot before heading home to Sydney. Well that's the plan, but things quickly change over here, and you just flow with it. Like meeting Olivia again outa the blue. WTF ?
Venture out for a dinner at 7pm, then, whatever. I just put the plan here to show difference, of what really happens.
So , I end up at Jojo's. After her last session, where Teyut ran out of gas at 1.5 hrs in a 2hr booking, I decided an hour and half is the go. Usual good bbbj and ball-licking , plus a damn good foot massage, as with all the walking on sidewalks of broken stone tiles and bricks, it was a good idea.
Gave her a tip as last session with her. Am attempting to set her up to become a day-visit girl at my accom for next trip, and she is free to 6 pm each day . But as in the case of  many 20-25 yo massage girls , she is a single mum, which means she is socially finished, and has no choice, but to do massage and sometimes full service work.
Left her on pretty good terms, saying she really appreciated my help (tip 500,000 dog - $30au) and will look after me extra special, if i return, which means CIM or even some boom boom, which is forbidden within Jojo's. I would be chasing her to visit me at the hotel freelance next visit. Worth the effort this girl.

16.5.18 Wednesday
Olivia from Uganda spent a second overnight, making total of 3 sessions. 2.5 mill for 10 hrs which really nice, as no rushing and some early morning fun started even before the sun rose.
Olivia.Ooops I'm in trouble.JPG
Olivia.Ooops I'm in trouble.JPG (45.7 KiB) Viewed 527 times
Quite sad to say goodbye, as we enjoyed each others company. She said Australia to difficult with visas and expenses, so sadly a visit by her won't happen. Wonderful waking up to see stretched on on white sheets, her shapely black body, a joy to look at as she slept, and her face looked even more babydoll-like as she slept. My lifetime wish fulfilled.
Was hoping I would run into her during my last day on Bui Vien (Walking Street) at lunchtime, but it was no to be.

On my last night, myself and Roadrunner, my Vietnamese born wing-man and tour guide, hit Japan Town again. This time a massage place called "Hoshi". Nearly all the massage places and bars, have girls out side spruiking in their cute way. Often 3 or 4 will descend on you like piranhas and physically latch on to you and guide you into their place. Stand still, and start asking questions and you will soon figure out who are the keen flirty one, and start surveying them for qualities you re looking for. If nothing there that takes my fancy immediately, I just tell them, after dinner I will come back, so they have to give up at this point.
All bars and massage shops usually have uniforms. Hoshi girls are in black pleated miniskirts and red tops of different design, probably bought by the girls themselves, to suit their bust and waist size. The hot little petite number I chose, had the name of Kevin, her Vietnamese. Felt a bit disturbing calling that out in a passion moment, so called her Keveen, which thought was hilarious.
So, we settled on 2 mill for her 1hr FS session (plus the 400k dong for a VIP room), which means private room with en suite bathroom and a massage table, rooms ($120 Aud)are clean and modern too.
Keveen at Hosi in Japan own.JPG
Keveen at Hosi in Japan own.JPG (35.76 KiB) Viewed 520 times
Pretty well straight into tackle play as she washed me down gently with 2 hands. BBBJ, first up as I told her massage not needed. Extremely proficient skill here, top bbbj I have had this trip. Funny thing was, and the reason I chose her aside from being the keenest, her face was like a younger version of Mia. Quite uncanny. It could be her sister or almost her daughter. One tatt and a pale brown A pale brown birthmark, enhanced rack, just perfect size for her, and overall good figure and size 5. Yum !
Sex with her was outrageously good and up their with Mia. Hip wiggle at high speed, was ridiculously good. Despite being on a massage table we got thru about 6 or positions, and she is a real little stick of dynamite for sure. Absolutely committed to your pleasure but getting into it for her own pleasure as well. Giggly, adorable yet naughty at the same time. killer combo. Anyways got the shot away at the hour mark , showered together and left with hug and a kiss in front of other girls out front. They love to show off that they got their man.

One curious thing did happen though. just as we were about to settle on our room price payment, there was a power black out in the block. They must be used to these, as they have lights around the place running on batteries, plus candle going. Not relishing a session in a non air con roomed, we said we  would wait til it came back on. Often these are only 2-5 min stoppages. So Roadrunner and I sat on the couches with our petite bunnies fanning us, and bringing us drinks and cuddling up to us. Aaah, life could be worse you know. 
Actually it worked out well, as we had about 10 mins of free time to chat and flirt with the girls, despite their limited English, it was quite fun. Eventually the mamasan made a mobile call, the girls took us by the hand and walked us around to another shop on the main road. As we entered, the mamasan there, made few notes on her clipboard. As before the co-op system came into play seamlessly and without fuss. Room similar to ones at first place visited a few nights a go in the block. Roadrunner and I cabbed it home as our 2 choices had pretty well drained us.

18.5.18 Friday
Last day in HCM City, sadly not been able to find Olivia around lunchtime, so cabbed it Japan Town, hoping Keveen was there. She was. She knew it was gonna be a full service session with no massage needed. Booked 90 mins, she had a quick word to the head girl/boss, and we went upstairs. This time it was room 102, which has a queen-sized bed as well as kitchen and bathroom, which would be ideal for a over nighter. But I have no price on that.
Negotiated 2 mill dong for her time despite it being 30 mins longer than last session. Winning!
After showering, she went straight into BBBJ of trip, for sure, sorry Mia and Linh, but you were damn close. This girl was one of those mind readers that sucked it, licked and tickled balls perfectly , and just before  you were about to ask for it. Also smooth as silk technique, not a tooth felt, almost deep throating, and even threw in some rimming. in other words. a fucking angel. Literally! She out performed herself today. Being first customer at 1 pm, and the fact we had clicked the night before helped I guess. You don't have to love god, or a good looking young guy to click with her, she is just so cute and focused on giving you a good time, its a breeze with her. She is just a natural little hottie.
Because we had a bed this time (room 102), she was moving into more positions, as was I . She gave fwd and reverse cowgirl, with eye contact that was so sexy and cute, I almost lost it in each position, which I rarely do. It was real kodak moment stuff. She even got into a rarely performed with ease, sideways cowgirl, tempting a few spanks on tiny butt cheeks. Not too hard and it set her off at record bucking speed for the session, bringing her to her first of two orgasms. Not a faker this one. After many position changes including a return fwd cowgirl, I finished in sort flat doggie/side-saddle angle, that seems only possible to work well with petite girls. Still 30 mins left and we were both to worn out to try again so, gave each other a massage, then relaxed chatting as she fingernail tickled the spent jewels. (Authors note. I am on the plane back to Sydney with Vietnam Airlines and the hostess just asked me what I'd like to eat, stunner face, big smile, me thinking , "Hmmm you'll be fine darling", just let me finish this review.)
So little size 5, 25yo Keveen, wins the TH Best Girl On Tour Award.  And her prize is she will get to fuck me at lest 2 times next tour as well. lol
When she gave me a kiss good goodbye this time at the door, I scooped her in both arms and started to carry her down the lane,
" Sorry, this one's too good , I have to take her home." Girls all laughing, little Keveen, squealing, her slim legs kicking in the air, Mamasan laughing ?... Not so much.
Anyways cabbed it home to California Guest House. Distance is walkable, 20 mins, but too humid and once again, I was drained.

Its been a great fun packed tour, and can recommend Vietnam Airlines for service on and off the ground. Puts Jets Star to shame. Wasn't looking forward getting through Sydney customs and Immo. The last time a 2 hour affair due to computer failure and ground staff strike. But customs and Immo has fast card system for nationals now and was out in 15 mins , Unbelievable. They have caught up German 1990 speed, at last.

Another thread, there are some trave land punting tips I may have missed in this diary, But if you are not going, might not be of interest to you. But it would be remiss of me not mention them.

Some Vietnam Tips for Travellers and Punters.

1 Accommodation.
I looked ito htels , mainly by asking fellow travellers I met in the bars below the accom. eg. Full Moon in lane ( they are called Hem) ,In the adress like , 57/10 Bui Vien means the lane runs off Bui Vien rd at the 57 mark, and shop is 10th on the right hand, the odd day and  and I hit the Japan-town.  

Tral tips prt 2
...numbers being o the left of course. Wn the lane runs on other lane(s)  the call that cluster , a Ward I, tihnk. Which basicly means its a rats nest of a puzzle , and you eed to look at the little bue tin 8" signs that are all over the place. A lot of the tiny massage and food places are in the alleys, so if you dont want to b asking people alle thime ( and some them have no idea what exists in the next block) , it saves time i taking wrong/guessed advice.
Found that out the hard way. The owner of Tinh Massage helped me with the system and find Full Moon Hostel , and so did my wingman Roadrunner, who has great local knowledge.

Hostel means you are sharing with other people , 2 or 3 people in a room, which eans you either use a lock up or carry you valuable, passport, and cash float everywhere ,, which is just as dangerous or more.
If you are young might be a hoot , but as you get older roughing it aint so appealing.Pros, you meet more people pick up tips , cons, o bringing girls back. house rule.

Expensive hotels meas less in the budget for punting ,plus a lot of the upmarket places are not girl friendly. Not because prostitution is illegal, it just wives and girlfriend guests dont like their bf/spouse seeing a stream of hotties coming in to get nailed by the lucky single guys. bad for their bussiness.

Cheap hotels will turn a blind eye to hos coming thru, but gnerally a bit run down, we a 30 bucks a night places.
I foud a few like Bali B Hotel , where they are a bit better finished and etc, 70aud a night, and are leniant on the GF thing but my ask for ID, as a security , and a government condition, as they like to know where everyone is.

Personally, I foud guesthouse to be a good medium.
1 you get you own room with ensuite
2  better maintained tha cheap hotel as they also have long term tennant who demand that
3 Some places will off free laundry service
4 Girl friendly , only once was my guest asked for ID this trip
5 Mainly western guests, and a good chance to intel gather.
6 off free do it your self breakfast, just bring you own milk and cereal , coffee tea, toast jam, pastries provided, cooking facilities, coffee maker. Wash up your own mess and wipe dow benches and tables  the general rule.
7 Room are cleaned and linnen changed . Request soap if you need it, but no htel toiletries usually supplied.
8 Mostly you will get a balcony, useful if you are a smoker , but also drying clothes. if no free laundry , your drier.
9.  About 150,000 dong cheaper than cheaper hotel more comfy, free air con , wifi, tv the standard there..

I guess its not as swish as a 5 star to impress the girls , but then again they would just charge you more as they will think you can .

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