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Zeus Massage Shop

Unread post by bender » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:05 am

This just in from Asian Lover;

Zeus. A Pham Ngu Lau must visit

Back in Saigon and did quite a bit of research before this trip and tried to uncover some new places. This time, with the help of google translate and some Vietnamese forums, I noticed a new place called Zeus on Pham Ngu Lau.

It seems there is a chain of these under the "MassageZ" branding, mostly in areas where tourists wouldn't normally venture, but this new one has just opened right in heart of backpacker hell (number 359 Pham Ngu Lau. At the Western end).

The target is for Viet locals but they had no problems welcoming me in and the chubby manager guy is super friendly but with little English.

Ok, so here's the deal. There are 3 ticket prices, 500 K (90 minutes), 750 K and 900 K. I only ever tried the 500 K one, so I can't say what the differences are apart from the timing. They then add the girl tip of $500 K, so you just pay the straight up $1 M at reception without having to worry about extra tips for the girls.

Now after you go upstairs to the waiting room they will serve your fruit and water and sit in the lounge area and watch HBO on the big screen while waiting for the girls.

Then they call you over to an ipad to show you the girls that are available along with their vital stats like weight and height (no age listed). I only ever got a selection of 5 girls and each time it is really hard to choose for a fussy bugger like me as I prefer to see the girls in person.

Anyhow, the 3 I tried there were 20,23 and and around 29 yo.

Ok, so what happens in the room.

Each room is decked out in fancy LED lighting with table, shower, bath, steam and sauna. I skipped the steam and sauna as I find I struggle to perform after that usually.

The girls all wear a sexy air hostess type uniform with short skirt and with boobs popping out.

1) Into the shower / bath for a bit of a body scrub / shampoo.

2) Onto massage table for a hard back massage.

3) Then some hot rocks on you back and more massage.

4) Then, this is where the fun starts. They take off their tops and rub lotion all over your back and legs and use their breasts to massage you. All 3 girls I tried had the same technquies.

5) Turn over, frontal boob massage.

6) Hello, is that a BBBJ.

7) Ooops, CIM (for 2 of them anyway).

8) Another shower / cleanup.

9) Thanks darling.

10) Back to TV room to chill out if you like.

1 M for 90 minutes, incl BBBJ (and potential CIM). I didn't even bother going to NPK this time as it's so easy to walk here, pampered like a king, clean towels, showers, no issues with taxi's etc.

The only thing is the selection via photo instead of in person that's a bit of a hit and miss, but the services are pretty identical from all the girls.

Thanks Asian Lover
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Re: Zeus Massage Shop

Unread post by trashhammer » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:14 pm

I will be checking this place out next month. See what I can add. Looks good. I don't mind photo select idea . See how i go. :twisted:

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Re: Zeus Massage Shop

Unread post by zonked » Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:15 pm

here's the actual link.. use google translate

https://diendanmassagez.com/co-so-massa ... 12261.html

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