Sasa & Bobo 2 x 2 party session

Honey Bunny 1/181 McCredie Road Guilford West 9681 3698
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Sasa & Bobo 2 x 2 party session

Unread postby trashhammer » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:37 am

Tyrekicker and myself were out at 181 to do some pics for Sasa, met her along with Bobo who had pics done a few days ago.
The four of us joking around , girls flirting with us and giggling about doing more pics, and I suggested we take it upstair to the Karaoke/party room that is quite large , has a long couch as well as a bed, lighting ball and hifi gear.

Anyways i had Bobo, cos I love her legs and her cute booty, Tyrekicker had Sasa as he loved the breasts. Both had such a fun vibe we had a great session. Sasa going off in cowgirl on the bed with TK, Bobo on the white leather couch with me, delivering red hot 69, and her BJ is awesome ,plus she has very cute face.
Eventually I took Bobo over to the bed, we did them both in kneeling mish , with their faces close together as they were cumming simultaneously. Wow. What a beautiful sight.
Then with girls permission we swapped partners. Bobo copping some jockey wishbone and going off, whilst I took Sasa back to the couch and finished her and myself off in wishbone.

All great fun and left them downstairs with hugs from both , and a promise to come back and do it again, but next tome for an hour.
What a hoot! I was gonna go somewhere else later and catch up with someone on my shopping, but too fucked. So headed home.
Note! If you wanna do the swapper-roo thing (which is half the fun) you just need to negotiate a small tip on top of the 2 x $85 fee.
Whether there is a small extra fee for Karaoke depends on booking length.
Great fun. I guess the trick is finding right 2 girls, and we found Sasa and Bobo just fine. ; >

pics below, Sasa in black, Bobo in pink >
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