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Chiang Mai Celebrity Soapy Massage

Unread post by bender » Thu May 03, 2018 10:43 pm

We had been Song Kran water fighting all day and everyone was soaking wet, so late afternoon I stopped a cabbie with no English, after much mime he got the drift that I wanted a girly spot. So we roared off getting smashed by water at every other corner. Arrived at Celebrity Soapy Massage, and it was the typical soapy setup with eleven girls in a fish tank today while some punters were having a drink and choosing. Picked a younger looking one name of Nicky. 2400 or $98. She was younger with braces, had about five tasteful tatts. Up the lift we went, took off my wet clothes while she ran a bath. Celebrity and Sayuri are both better than Pandora which seemed to be a bit of a dump. Celebrity even had MTV. Jumped into the bathtub for a bit of fun. Straight to the bed for a covered sucky fucky (her having braces it was understandable she was reluctant to do a natural suck) Despite her tender years she was quite professional, and her pussy felt reasonably wet and prime so happy days. Negotiated a tip for some pics for the team - you guys owe me a beer. Smaller boobies but otherwise couldn't really complain about her body and youth. Afterwards I had to put on my cold wet t-shirt again - eww. By now it was well after dark, anyway I hailed a trike cab, who luckily had a barrel of water strapped in the back, as I had to aggressively fight off water attacks all the way back to the hotel.
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