Max Muay Thai Stadium Nite Pattaya

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Max Muay Thai Stadium Nite Pattaya

Unread post by bender » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:27 pm

Sunday is supposed to be the best nite at this local stadium so I rocked up. It's a modern setup built in 2014 I believe. It's not too huge so every seat gets a good clear view of the ring. It's a modern Vegas style boxing ring in the middle complete with lights, sound, camera crews, ring girls, it has a focus on US style entertainment and that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. They also have the little band playing that weird Indian snake charmer music, it really adds to the vibe. So 12 bouts, the first 10 were like Thai guy v farang. And the farangs were mostly being taken to school by the locals who seemed to have more ring experience. They have pages of data coming up on big screens here including tale of the tape, and a highlights package after each round. So anyway I was lucky enough to see 1 x knockout (swinging backwards elbow) and 1 x knockdown (right hook). So that was a bit of a bonus, and certainly shows the fights are real. You can drink beers here, all in all a top nite, and worth the money at 2000b.
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