Benders Top 10 Travel Tips for the Land of Smiles

Bachelors Guide To Thailand
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Benders Top 10 Travel Tips for the Land of Smiles

Unread post by bender » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:52 pm

1) Read Private Dancer by Stephen Leather
(Summary: Marrying a bargirl often ends in disaster - not just broken hearts but major financial losses too)
2) Ask WLs their age, and if they have any kids before taking them back to your room
3) Get a flu jab prior to departure
4) Pay for a DTAC unlimited data plan for your phone. Hotel wifi won't help you when your lost on a scooter somewhere
5) Whatsapp is handy, translation, dating and currency apps are all useful
6) Good travel insurance cover
7) Consider scooter hire if you want to explore beyond the main drag
8 Send photos of all your important docs, credit cards and ID cards to your own email prior to departure, and also cc someone reliable back home while you're at it
9) Haggle with a smile - it's supposed to be fun. Locals know you are rich by their standards, so if you're getting worked up over 50c at the markets or try to screw every last cent out of every transaction, you just look like a dick. Keep it in perspective.
10) Carry a global/multi power adapter
11) Always keep your hotel business card in your wallet
12) Did you know? 109 Aussies die in Thailand each year, don't end up a statistic
13) Always be asking questions of expats/cabbies here to acquire local knowledge faster
14) Go online to read up on every scam known in your holiday destination, memorise it all
Add your tips here! ... land+gogos
Quiet nite in Pattaya
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