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Beergarden Patrol BKK

Unread post by bender » Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:24 pm

UKPhil put me on to Beergarden as a must check out place off Sukomvit on Soi 7. Its a kind of large beer barn setup on Soi7. Supposed to be the place to pick up freelancers. I got there Sunday nite at around 8, but it was pretty quiet. This was in June, so obviously it would be busier during say December. Seems to be a house band setup, and about 5 do-able freelancers, and about a dozen other fuglies or older boilers. The whole place seemed pretty quiet. A couple of cops drinking in the corner. Started talking to the pretty ones and they suggested fri or sat nite around 9.30 should be busier. Good to know about this spot, I'll come back when it's busier. This youtube gives you the gist of it Anyone know any other freelancer beergardens to check out in BKK?
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