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Miss T Bag BKK

Unread post by bender » Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:02 pm

Last nite after checking out a few bars we ended up at Soi Cowboy, met a cutie in the street who quoted 1000b similar to first nite, anyway went to short time motel. She was a bit frumpy in the room, in hindsight I should have chatted to her more upfront, and I couldn't get into a rhythm bonking her, no matter what position I tried. At least she had a huge tattoo on her back to look at - quite a work of art I guess. She was pretty young too like 21 or something. Pussy was a bit stretched out but she was getting into it a bit. Anyway finally ended up tea bagging her - the only position that worked for both of us. Shot a load on her tits and kicked her out. Bit of a dud session, but whatever. Must chat to girls more to check out their personalities before booking.
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