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Thermae Patrol BKK

Unread post by bender » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:48 pm

One of my fav bars on Sukumvit Road is surely Thermae. It's easy to miss, being in the basement level with a sports bar at ground level, and there are never too many Westerners in there which suits me just fine. AsianloverHK was on a mission to pick something up as his hotel was right next door so we hit it with a vengeance. Back lane entrance and down stairs. PACKED OUT on a Fri nite with we estimated 200 freelancer girls. The vibe here is a) no bar fines b) girls are not allowed to approach guys you approach them c) great fast service with reasonably priced drinks. While all the Jap and Korean guys clung to their drinks and mostly held back, we steamed in for 3 laps, chatting and joking with all the girls. Well actually not many of them had much English, so a bit of Mr Bean mime goes a long way. Some of the girls, maybe 20% will only go with Asian men because of the 3 x 3 rule (Asian blokes only have 3 inches and they only last 3 minutes). Some WL told me that joke. Anyway most of the girls were quoting 2500b $96 with some at 2000b or $76. Finally AL narrowed it down to 3 and after much horse trading picked one. He's a fussy bugger. Def headed back to Thermae tonight. Add your Sukumvit Road adventures here.
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