Baccarra Gogo Soi Cowboy BKK

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Baccarra Gogo Soi Cowboy BKK

Unread post by bender » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:29 pm

Hooked up with old mate AsianLoverHK, who was down from HK for the weekend. Jumped in a front row seat at Baccarra (which was packed) to watch the show and we washed down half a blue pill each with our drinks. I'm sure many of you have been to this joint, but for those who haven't you've got the normal gogo stage packed with dollies, then above that a Perspex ceiling / dance floor with another group of girls dancing in little skirts (mostly topless and without nickers). So from the front row seats, it's a bit of sensory overload to say the least - great fun. I had both barrels discharged earlier in the day, in some ways that was great - taking the edge off and you can just relax and enjoy the show without being anxious for a fuck. And let me tell you these dancers had me thinking I was up for a third shot. The people watching here is great! A couple of Japanese or Korean lesbians turned up, they were wearing matching outfits and looked hot, they were enjoying the show from the front row too. Actually there were a few other tourist girls there - good to see it's not blokes only. AsianLoverHK couldn't see anything he fancied, so we had a couple drinks and moved on. Add your Soi Cowboy adventures or pics here.
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Re: Baccarra Gogo Soi Cowboy BKK

Unread post by loopy » Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:14 pm

Good on you for this Thai area Bender.I'm off to BKK next Sunday.
I'm looking for a dirty arse strip club or lap dancing joint.Like you find in Walking St

I may head down to Pattaya but wondered if you had been to a similar joint in BKK.
Can't wait to get there for a bit of fun and warm weather.

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