Alright enough

Vitality Charm Massage 227 Broadway Glebe 96608883
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Alright enough

Unread post by GazzaOak » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:25 pm

I went there today....

Well, there were 2 girls on offer, Cici and another girl (forgot the name), I did pick the other girl, but however the other girl didn't know how to do body rub (or refused to do so), so i picked Cici instead.

She looked kinda like meh enough, but defs not a 10/10 out of my eyes.... Probs a 5/10 or even a 4/10 (i'm pretty picky with girls, particularly if im paying for it).

Started off quite rudely (she asked for my id, since i look fairly young, and i often lie about my name when i go to these places) then after that with the usual crap (payment, take off clothes, lay down on back) then a back massage, and its was very good, nice and firm, since I'm generally stressed. Then she took her clothes and started to body rub on my back, then i flip over, and more body rub followed by hj. Yeah cummed. She did alright there. Kinda made up for the rudeness for the beginning.

Not bad for $120 for an hour in my eyes, apart from the rudeness in the beginning..... but i probs won't be a regular (due to me being a student, and i only go like every 6 or so months, sometimes i postpone it for a year)

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