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Forum Rules

Unread postby darth » Sun May 13, 2007 12:59 pm


The purpose of this board is a place to post tips and reviews on brothels and hookers. The idea is that if we all contribute and swap impartial notes we can all benefit by making more informed choices with our hard earned $$$, so don't be a lurker - post a few tips.

We are mainly looking for reviews or tips that are objective, unbiased and informative. Your review should include an accurate physical description, your best estimate of her age, her working name, nationality and the shop name and the phone number. If you're not sure what to write follow this guide on writing reviews

The forum is not a gossip column. This is not a place for pointless commentary, picking fights, negativity, flame wars, swearing, abuse, slander, politics, pointless trivia or nitpicking and we particularly dislike whinging, especially from those who have not submitted their fair share.


Newbies are always welcome to register and start posting at any time. Each of your posts could be read by hundreds of punters, so try to write something useful to other readers. When you first start posting, you have to start at the bottom. Your credibility as a poster will be reflected in the number of reviews you have posted, and the variety of shops you visit. Over a period of time you may build up a "track record". Later when you become a "regular contributor" you might be taken seriously by the rest of the readers. Until that time, mods have no way of knowing if you are fair dinkum. Prove you are legit by posting something constructive.

Moderation on newbies often seems harsh - but it's only because you have no history with us, or have not read these rules. You are an unknown quantity, for all we know you may have some agenda, you could be a spammer, you may be a competitor trying to run down a peer. Building a record of useful contributions is really the only way forward here.

When you first start posting it's not wise to make a big deal of all your problems, criticisms, opinions, questions, dud roots, politics and so on. Your best bet early on is to drop some usable tips or reviews. Its also common sense to show respect for the seniority of any user with a greater number of reviews posted, after all many of you probably got started by reading their tips. Same goes for the shops who choose to advertise online, they go to a lot of time and effort to bring you this amount of info so at least show them some basic courtesy as some of them do read your posts.

The rule of thumb for new users is "Does my post add something constructive?" We welcome tips, even a missing phone number or address all helps other punters. Don't ask stupid questions if you have not already searched hard for an answer, or rang the shop in question for an answer. Use the search feature up the top of each page (or Google it).

Established contributors have more leeway with mods. The number of reviews or tips in your track record will always be taken into account by mods. Our bronze, silver and gold contributors are largely unmoderated and have earned the right to say whatever they like in the forum within reason.

In rare cases of moderation, we may ask you for your number so we can ring and get your side of the story. No big deal, just helps us to sort the genuine users from those who might be ignoring these rules. Obviously your number is held in the strictest confidence and not used for any other purpose.


Anyone, can be warned and sin binned for breach of these terms. You will usually get a couple of warnings before being sent off. However spammers will be instantly banned, don't even think of spamming in here.

Discussion of violence or abuse towards women will get you banned.

You can be warned for anti-social behavior, sexism, racism or if we get complaints about you from other readers. If you don't fit in with other registered members you will likely get a warning.

This board is not a stage for grandstanding your "I hate xyz" views. If your hobby is forum politics, you won't last long in here. Starting shit, flame wars or abusive criticism will cost you a warning.

Constructive criticism about this site from anyone is ok, simply send an email and say whats really on your mind we welcome it and often act on it.

Note that of all registered users since 2005 HL has in fact only ever banned 1%.


This forum is moderated by editors, the same as any other publication on Earth. This is not a violation of your rights to free speech, it's just common sense.

We reserve the right to delete or edit anything, and we don't have time to explain it much less justify it. Often it's simply a case of being quicker to snip an offending word or post rather than go to the trouble of issuing a warning to the user. We'll do our best to preserve the gist of your post, but don't be too precious - it's not the fucking dead sea scrolls.

Some punters are only motivated to post when they want to have a big dummy spit about Their Dud Root. This is small minded and not allowed, unless the poster has also previously shared some positive stuff for balance.

Complaints or "bad reviews" against a WL or HL advertisers ARE allowed, but should be first and foremost directed to the management of that establishment. Do not come in here and think you have free reign to publicly slander the WL or shop on your first post just because of one bad experience. You can't use this board as a stage to "get revenge". It's only fair to give management a chance to respond to your concerns. This helps other punters to know which owners are prepared to "make things right".

Check out this guide on writing up dud sessions ... 268#p24268 try keeping it brief and neutral in tone.

Your constructive criticism will only be allowed if a)the tone of your complaint should be brief, reasoned, calm and logical, not a hysterical dummy spit b) you are a regular and known contributor with a solid track record of least 24 reviews or solid tips from a variety of shops and c) you include the management's response to your complaint and the outcome of that discussion

Think very carefully before picking up a poison pen, as the consequences are more serious than you might think. Firstly, someone may lose their job, secondly Hookerlooker may lose one of their vital sponsors (without whom there would be no site).


No, this forum is primarily for punters. It's pretty much a transparent and independent place for punters to say whatever they like within these rules. Of course you might read things you disagree with or read things that make you angry, or you might want to control or delete some posts but you are not allowed. You can of course address any issue in the forum, or take punters to task by simply hitting reply. Forums are tough, political places fuelled by lies, rumour, muck raking, and treachery - posted by both girls and boys - so you better get used to rolling with the punches because you are going to get hit. If you take it all with a grain of salt, and treat forum posts as a rough form of customer feedback, you can use posts to help fine tune your business. To survive in an open forum, you need to have very thick skin, but where else will you find an honest evaluation of your business?

If anyone has a particular grievance, send an email to [email protected] along with your phone number, and expect a phone call or brief face to face meeting so we can hear your issues directly "from the horses mouth". If you contact us we will try to help, but we are not mind readers.


We are strongly against pimping/headhunting girls from one shop to another. Anyone practicing or even discussing this in the forum will be warned and sin binned.

You must be over 18 to read or post on this site.

We do not condone the practice of bareback sex, uncovered anal sex or rimming and therefore we don't want those practices discussed or encouraged in this forum. If you are silly enough to have unprotected intercourse with a hooker, that's your problem, go discuss it with a doctor not in here. Also, doling out medical advice when you are not qualified to do so, is not helping anyone and possibly harmful. Instead, why not link to some high quality online literature on the subject?

Discretion is the unwritten rule of the adult industry, and we are strict on it. We take a very dim view of idiots going online and revealing personal information, real names etc of wl's or punters. We guarantee to protect your anonymity, and we guarantee to blur the face on every WL photo.

Women are allowed to register and participate in the forum on the condition they are upfront about their gender. Working Ladies are encouraged to email us with any feedback at any time.

Take Trashhammer reviews with a grain of salt, he is well known for holding back criticism on ordinary sessions. Take his views as being more of a general guideline only, and make up your own mind.

The forum info is NOT updated, the other pages Asian and NonAsian ARE updated. Obviously older posts might be out of date as girls move on.

Make some posts, swap notes on girls, have fun but don't take yourself too seriously. 99% of you guys won't have any problems with moderation whatsoever, enjoy this free website!

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