Pattaya Thailand is a must

Why screw around in Sydney when you can sample the local culture in between meetings OS and claim it all on expenses?
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Pattaya Thailand is a must

Unread post by Datylover » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:29 am

Currency conversion is about
$1au=25to30 Thai Baht. If you ever visit Pattaya in Thailand I believe it has over 6,500 licensed shops including GoGo bars that’s not counting the unlicensed premises, and thousands of private/beach girls. then you have to make your way to ( Walking Street ) it would have to be the epicentre with hundreds of gogo bars all next to each other. Each bar containing large numbers of girls raging from 10 workers to 500 workers. All you have to do is call one over that you you believe is the sexiest buy her a drink and start chatting, also don’t be shy ask to look at her tits and her pussy if you want then if you think she the one for you that’s great. If not just keep picking a different one until the sparks fly and you feel that you’ve picked a winner.then Ask her what’s her price for long time (overnight) 2000tb ($80au) upto 5000tb ($200au) or short time ( just a few hours) 1000tb ($40au) upto 3000tb ($120au) pay a small bar fine to the bar so the girl can go with you.
This price varies from bar to bar ranges from 200tb ($8au) upto 1000tb ($40au) these prices are what I have encountered over many years and many trips and from over 1or2 thousand girls. Amazing value for money.
Up to 8hrs for upto $200au give or take a few bucks. That’s why I think it’s something that should be on every males bucket list. But this is just my thoughts.

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