Valentina rivals Mikhayla in terms of looks and service

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Valentina rivals Mikhayla in terms of looks and service

Unread post by path1k » Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:32 pm

Popped in hoping to see Sasha, got introduced to two Aussie/British looking ladies who were average in terms of body (I think one was named 'Victoria')

The third one was more impressive so I locked her in for 1 hour.

Valentina hails from Colombia, I'm guessing her age to mid 20's - early 30's, 50 - 60kg but she's short so she has a nice "thick" look.

Plump natural tits with big areolas however her nipples aren't so sensitive and don't harden to peak.

Beautiful smile and nice accent (alot of South American imports seem quite smart) unlike a majority of Asian imports and Selena who's head is filled with air lol.

Not sure if anal is a go with her as I'm not into it so you'll have to work that one out yourself.

Yummy caramel complexion and round bubble bum.

Her thigh's are just a slight bit skinny, especially for a South American girl, regardless she's still beautiful.

This girl competes with Mikhayla and Camilla who in my opinion were the best woman to ever work at 219.

Only drawback I had with Valentina is she doesn't squirt or I was unlucky enough to buy time with her after she "emptied" her tank as our session commenced at 9:00pm and I think the shop closes at 10:00pm.

Not sure how long she'll be here but be nice to her because such a beauty deserves nothing less (both inside and out)

I definitely got my money's worth and so will you!

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