Who remembers Tamara ½ Aussie ½ Italian babe?

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Who remembers Tamara ½ Aussie ½ Italian babe?

Unread postby path1k » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:50 am

Back before Camilla stole my heart at 219 I remember buying a 30 minute session with Tamara back in 2015.

It was only her and this other South American girl available that Friday night, the SA girl looked Indian and was considerably outmatched by Tamara's beauty so I went with Tamara:
* Petie
* Skinny but natural, pointy C cup tits
* White complexion / pink nipples
* Nice sharp tipped noise giving the slightest hint she's a mix of something
* Blue eyes
* Straight, long brown hair

She was 26 during the time I met her so she may be 28 now, she smiled alot and was very friendly.
Apart from looks she had some intelligence to her which were bonus points for me, I wouldn't say as smart as my all time favourite Mikayla .

She's a smoker which explained why it took long for her to get wet or cum but glad I managed to satisfy her.

At the end of the session she offered me to lie down with her for another 30 minutes or shower but I told her I only payed for 30 minutes.

She laughed and said Lili told her I bought an hour with her, she thanked me for my honesty and not taking advantage of Lili's confusion.

9/10 Would definitely have recommended her if she still worked here.

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