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Unread postby Oblivion » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:13 pm

Went to Croydon a few months back and was shown two girls. Settled on Zara.

Into the room, she seemed very personable. No health check requirement, so straight into the shower. After that we got on the bed and started having a chat. She knows how to make you feel wanted, her enthusiasm is infectious. She got naked to reveal a very small pair of boobs and a full bush on her very slim physique. I'm not normally keen on hairy pussies, but her's really suited. While it was a full bush, it didn't extend to her butthole, which still made for a stunning view in doggystyle.

She fucks like I find skinny girls do, exploiting her flexibility and wanting deep penetration. I fucked her pretty hard in mish with her leg over my shoulder and pushing her legs back, and in doggy, taking a break with her riding me for a bit in between. She built up her moans nicely, getting me to blow hard into her from behind after some nice fucking.

Her cbj is like any other, but all in all, I can't really fault her. Good experience.

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