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219 Elizabeth Street Croydon 9799 5856
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Re: 219 customer feedback

Unread postby Fry » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:21 am

I live not far from 219 and when I lived further away it was way better.
A shame had me some awesome hard sessions Amy was pretty good 8/10 lovely tits not too looser vag, the original Angel 9.5/10 perfect vaginal tension took her in standing doggy she was up on a raised floor and as I grabbed and she went vertical I pulled her hair like a deck hand and slammed her soo deep it was the only thing that kept her together as she screamed just about lost the rubber up there. I then took her on the couch arms as she lay back and used her ankles as earnings.
She was an artisan there.

As the new management has taken over it has been a week performance all round the rooms are disgusting and the girls are actually picky about who the will service I was once told that only Indians and Asians get a ride.
Not many will do multiple shots.
There was a well shaped Scottish girl there who would let you room pretty freely in her domain.

There is a very loyal clientele of married locals who are pretty well to do who and will hire one of these lightweights for 2 hrs to maybe fuck once and have a whiney deep and meaningful. These men would be well primed to take them as a mistress pretty woman style.

There was a young one who I managed to get to multiple shots on the condition I was gentle, looked like she was a work experience girl perfect.
We did the tongue exploration for a bit and then I did her missionary after a quick reload.

I went 69 on her and convinced her to let me do her doggy standing, I had to lift her on to me and then went locomotive style slowly then quicker she was getting into it before she realized we were going 3/4 then near full tilt she was whimpering and shaking her head, beads of sweat began to form, I felt her pussy and she was totally streaming and I went as hard as I could, this newbie was an instant freak as I blew rivets into her cervix and crushed her she whimpered and yelped with my quick withdrawal turned straight around and sucked me off to get me back in got another shot away just after the bell but great, 8.5/10
Hope this is not too far off topic guys but just painting the picture before and after.

My verdict here is, it's more likely you'll get better service from five dock 203 or Kellys Asian flowers locally, Marlene's is well best over this place, this shop actually has a policy of discrimination and for the most part these girls would be better off as strippers or masseuse, because they do not like sex.

Go elsewhere dudes

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Re: 219 customer feedback

Unread postby gggi » Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:34 pm

I haven't been to 219 in about a year. I wish them well, and disagree with much of punters' sense of entitlement on display, but while I had some of the best times there, those times are over — there's nothing there on offer that remotely interests me. But that's just me.

When it's said and done, 219 is a good shop that looks after its workers, and with an efficiency that lets them all make good money without passing on too many overheads to customers. This is something guys like us need to remember occasionally.

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Re: 219 customer feedback

Unread postby blokeman » Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:08 am

I agree, the Vietnamese? receptionist is surly and not constructive to a pleasant experience.
Maybe there are others, but I only go on weekends.

Door is answered reasonably fast, dumped in a waiting area = no conversation, and you wait and wait - whoknows.
You are better off ringing from the waiting room and asking whos available now.

Years ago there was a merino(Aussie or Euro) with polite efficiency, a note pad and a pencil rattlling who becomes available with a solid 9.5/10 experience. The difference is chalk and cheese.

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