Maltese Sasha, Top Experiece!

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Maltese Sasha, Top Experiece!

Unread postby path1k » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:34 pm

I greeted Lilly for the first time in 6 months, she was happy to see me again. Whilst in the waiting room I got introduced to a few new ladies who were quite pretty with nice bodies - good to know 219 is filling it's roster with quality girls again HOWEVER ofcourse the winning streak didn't last because along walked in "Selena" with her irritating voice, fat rippling hips/thighs and her high, squirrel cheek bones, I immediately gave her the gesture I'm not interested in her. :lol:

I settled for Sasha, I estimate her age to be between 24 - 26, weighs 54kg, creme complexion, nice tits (C cup?) and a beautiful shaved pussy.

She only lets you lick here if you have good oral hygeinic so make sure your brush game is strong and no Cole sores, worts or scars are near your mouth.

Very friendly and comforting, smiles and laughs alot.

She complimented me on my nice teeth

She urged me to screw her so I put it in her and lasted not even five minutes (don't come to 219 as often as last year because my favourites left)

I spent the next 15 minutes lying in bed other her, talking and gently stroking her body hch she loved!

I shall return in December to see her a second time.
Definitely got my money's worth with her, I'm going to be her regular for as long a she remains here.

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