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Brand new girl to biZ Emily , formerly Vella is a medium tall Thai cutie, 24yo, gorgeous eyes and full lipped smile, long straight hair right down to her cheeks. I rate her her 9/10 on the Mona scale, (Mona in the city is my watermark standard for Thai elegance and beauty), and Stella is the only close to Mona that I have had for years. Stella does have one sure advantage , real b+ cups with puffy nipples , and the eyes, very pretty and made up well.

Like Mona, Emily is a sort of all safe girl, but loves foreplay. Her first caress of the balls and cock, perfect, had me paralyzed, a deer caught in the headlights for a while. i had to coax her her for full eye contact, as like a lot of beautiful Thai girls , a bit shy , in a sweet way. But nothing shy about cbj, she worked the rod well, some head-shaking sucking and ball tickling/massaging/scratching/ jostling/tapping as her beautiful mouth keenly engulfed me 2/3 way down the shaft. That face, as she sucked, Kodak moments galore. She knelt as I stood on the bed and got a complete mirror view of her, head swaying and bobbing on my cock, her long hair swishing around, just reaching her little bare brown butt cheeks....anyways , you get the picture. Pretty fuckin' nice.

Sex started, her on top looking gorgeous like a model, and she was bucking grinding above me try to come straight up, not fake moaning just the real and feminine stuff , but i coaxed some dirty talk out of her, nice girl saying bad stuff , tops! after a good bought, then her laying flat on me , her face pressed against mine as we looked at each other in the mirror. A beautiful innocent sort of pic scene face shot you could show your Mum (Aww !) , but further down her rubbery brown butt hammering me up and down as i lay under her. I will never forget that scene for rest of my life. 30 mins was coming up, so extended another 30. Took her in kneeling mish and really hammered in short bursts, she was really getting off, her legs wrapped around me , bucking back up to me, r, that face, baby doll eyes looking up, and we both started to tire at 45 , so i let the shot go. Then she had a quick shower and returned for more cbj and sex, but i was dead empty,, still hard so she finished rest of time kneeling beside me, her breast swaying and jiggling, as she hand jobbed me with ball tickle as well. Another beautiful sight to remember. she tried hard for a 2nd blow out me , but I was truly empty. Great girl, potential heart-breaker for me.

If you want bbbj or deep kiss , maybe not for you , but Vella enjoys a real good brisk pounding and in daty, lifts her hips right off the bed, holds your head as you lick, and ruts on your tongue like an angel when you hits the right spots . So that, " kinda evens things up for me". lol
Lovely sweet but sexy slim brown good looking girl, and recommended for lovers of Thai beauty. I suggest 45min.
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